The acclaimed Viking RTS Northgard released today on iOS devices •

Android version scheduled for later this year.

Northgard, the acclaimed real-time strategic case of developer Shiro Games, is incorporating Viking-themed weights into its iOS devices today on April 13th.

Northgard is a game of exploration, resource management, and land acquisition, if so far, leaving players to establish and expand a thriving Viking settlement. This process involves building specialized buildings, maintaining production loops, and deficits. Along the way, both human and mythical Nehru Dowell.

It’s a brutal, elegant and wonderful thing, full of difficult decisions and various strategic wrinkles, depending on the details of the clan you choose.

Northgard-Mobile release date trailer.

For example, in an expansion, players need to conquer the land zone-a dangerous proposal in their own right-and these only accommodate a small number of workers and buildings. You need to grow successfully. And that’s before winter comes, reducing food supply and, if unprepared, reducing the population.

Northgard’s iOS port, which is being processed by Playdigious, includes everything from base games on the PC to updates to Ragnarok and Relic, the introduction of apocalyptic new maps and bonus-giving artifacts, and more, except for multiplayer. I will.

Northgard is currently available on iOS for £ 7.99 and will be released with Snake, Dragon, and Kraken DLC clans. Each costs £ 2.99, but the Snake Clan is free until April 20th. More DLC clans are underway and the Android version of Northgard will be released later this year.

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