The actor who played most of Clark Kent

Brandon Routh may have been the final choice to play Clark Kent in Superman Returns, but several other stars were considered for that role.

Superman Returns I saw Brandon Routh wearing the iconic cloak and tights, but some other actors were also running to play Clark Kent. Superman Returns In the world of huge superhero movies, it’s something unusual.After Warner Bros. puts Batman back on track in 2005 Batman BeginsReactivating Superman in a story of new origin seemed like an obvious formula.However, director Bryan Singer grew up in awe. Christopher Reeve movie, And decided to make Superman Returns At the event, the semi-sequel Superman And Superman II ――But but Superman III And Superman IV: The Quest for Peace -Acts as a loose inside story.

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The film was a modest box office success, but it didn’t reach the level Warner Bros. wanted.Adding a clearly mixed reaction from the audience and critics, and the cost of all restart attempts that were canceled since the 90’s, WB decided not to follow up on the singer’s love letter to Richard Donner Did Superman movies. Most people agreed that Ruth was well cast in that role, but there were many paths that weren’t taken by casting Clark Kent in the 21st century.

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The singer decided that his Superman was unknown relatively early on, but a few other directors first joined the project, keeping in mind the famous star for that role. Both McG and Brett Ratner spent time developing the film before finally giving way to the Singer version. Countless stars have been added to the movie in various places. Will smith, Josh Hartnett, Paul Walker, Brendan Fraser, David Boreanaz, and Jerry O’Connell all considered this role.

Interestingly, another name running to play Superman was young Henry Cavill. Had he won that role, he would have been 23 when the movie was released. Perhaps it was too young to credibly portray a version of Superman who had been active for at least 10 years.Of course, Cavill will get another crack in his role in 2013 man of Steel, And he’s still a DCEU Superman, but it’s unclear if he’ll take another shot in Superman’s solo film.

Superman Returns It’s a problematic movie. It relies heavily on the nostalgia that fuels Christopher Reeve and often brings its disadvantages. Lex Luthor’s plan doesn’t really make sense.And probably all the worst, movies are made unintentionally Superman comes off like a dead beat dad..But casting Ruth is probably the best decision the singer made in the movie-he even replayed the role of Arrowverse. Infinite Earth Crisis Crossover, many praises. There was certainly a bigger name associated with that role, but Brandon Routh was the right person for the job.

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The actor who played most of Clark Kent

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