The arbiters mark has been updated (version 1.6.0), patch notes

Felseal: Arbiters Mark Update 1.6.0

Publisher 1C Entertainment and Developer 6Eyes Studio Recently Updated Felseal: Arbiters Mark To version 1.6.0. This is the final patch of a turn-based tactical RPG.

Fell Seal: The Arbiter’s Mark version 1.6.0 update is highlighted by two new monsters, Draekon and Knifer. For complete patch notes, proceed below.

New content:

  • Draekon / Knifer:

    Add two new monsters to the mission and monster content. Draekon and Knifer. They have their own sprites, abilities, portraits, Bzil versions and more.

  • Mission:

    Add two new missions associated with Draekon and Knifer monsters.

  • hunting:

    Add two new hunts featuring unique versions of Draekon and Knifer monsters.

Bug fixes:

  • Hell Hands:

    You may use the wrong graphic for a particular variant. Repaired.

  • Flamethrower:

    There was an issue where the buff was not reset properly under certain circumstances. Repaired.

  • Appearance change:

    Guild options are not available if the player does not have human recruits, even if they have monster recruits. Repaired.

  • Buff at the beginning of the turn:

    Buffs granted by equipment at the beginning of a turn will not appear in the info panel until they are updated (even if they are properly enabled). Repaired.

  • Level up:

    When you gain a level in battle, your current HP does not increase by the amount you gained up to your maximum HP. This reduces the attractiveness of certain passives associated with “having full HP”. Changed the current HP to increase by the same amount as the HP gained at that level.

  • Gutter Snipe:

    Pets accidentally increased bleeding damage. Repaired. Also, when both Guttersnipe and Polliwog were out, only Guttersnipe applied the debuff at the end of the turn of the adjacent target. Repaired.

  • Auto save:

    Pre-battle autosave may not be able to save new consumables created during the battle setup while using materials. Repaired.

  • map:

    Fixes issues with several layers of different maps.

  • Tame:

    If the targets were asleep, the sleep effects could remain visible after tame them. Repaired.

  • others:

    Fix small miscellaneous issues.


The arbiters mark has been updated (version 1.6.0), patch notes

Source link The arbiters mark has been updated (version 1.6.0), patch notes

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