The best Christmas movies on HBO Max

If you plan to spend the next few weeks spreading Christmas Cheering, watching festive movies, immersing yourself in the magic and light that exists at this time of the year, you are very similar to us. There is something special at this time of the year. We want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Many of us now enjoy the long weekend after Thanksgiving, watching holiday movies and festive episodes of our favorite series. To be honest, we’ve been watching Christmas movies since the end of Halloween, and streaming platforms have made it much easier in the last few years.

Instead of recording your favorite movies or buying several times because you lost your DVD, you can find your favorite holiday movies on everything from Netflix and Hulu to Disney Plus and HBO Max.

HBO Max continues to add a number of Christmas movies for fans to enjoy as a countdown until Santa’s arrival approaches. From animated films to comedy and, of course, heartwarming romance stories, everything you need is here.

Here are some recommendations for HBO Max watch options for this holiday season.

Scooby-Doo!Haunted holiday

When scooby and gangsters enjoy the holiday parade, they quickly discover ominous events around them. Leaving an evil snowman from the abandoned clock tower, they are holding their heads and have to find a way to save the Christmas season. When they find a toy store to investigate the strange things that are happening around, they discover owners who use them as clues for more about the history of ghosts in stores and clock towers.

They have to understand the mystery because time is not on their side and the snowman comes after them. When the Christmas staple arrives, the gangsters are lucky and help them discover that the sinister snowman is the person they didn’t expect the most.

Four Christmas

The holiday season is a great time to spend time together, but have you ever wanted to skip everything and escape somewhere in the tropics for a vacation? The main couple of four Christmas — Brad and Kate set up to do just that when their plans failed. Instead, the pair spends Christmas days going between four holiday celebrations to visit different families.

What happens next is a call to awaken Brad and Kate, who decided to marry and the children weren’t on their cards. When they spend their holidays back and forth between homes, they are struck by different emotions, but they both draw the same conclusions. Perhaps what they have avoided all the time is exactly what they needed.

Will Brad and Kate split after a stressful vacation, or will they get closer than ever?You can stream Four Christmas Check it out on HBO Max.

Black Christmas

If you are looking to add a little horror to your holiday Black Christmas Did you cover? A festive horror movie follows a group of young adults decorating the hall, preparing for a holiday party. Soon, the path of the victims will cloud the Christmas cheers and festivals, and a group of friends will have to make a big decision. Will they be the prey of a cloaked holiday killer, or will they stand up and fight back? On top of that, why are masked madmen killing these students at the most beautiful time of the year anyway?

You will have to see Black Christmas If you haven’t seen it yet, or if you’ve seen it, it’s a must-see. We love great easygoing festive movies, but we also don’t get enough holiday horror.

National Lamphun Christmas Vacation

of National Lamphun Christmas VacationClark Griswold is stuck in celebrating the most perfect Christmas ever. He tries to recruit his family to spend his vacation to achieve perfection, and of course things start to go wrong soon. Griswold soon discovered that perfection and Christmas didn’t live in the same house, from troubles with work and family to so-called perfect wood and light display problems.

They feel that unity with the family is paramount, even if it’s not perfect this time. You can buy decorations until your pocket is empty, but the true joy and happiness of the season comes from being with someone you love.

National Lamphun Christmas Vacation It’s also one of the holiday movies that keeps you laughing, and will be the one you’ll want to revisit with your family and friends over the next few years.

My Gift: Christmas Special from Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood stole our hearts first American idol, Since then, she has been doing so on a venture basis. Her voice is wonderful, she sings beautifully, and this year we have a special holiday to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

My Gift: Christmas Special from Carrie Underwood Available on HBO Max, fans will love her Christmas album ” My gift.. HBO Max Special introduces the special performances and sweet moments involved in the production of the holiday album, including a heartwarming performance with his son Isaiah. This special is perfect for evenings with friends and family along with baked goods and cocoa.

More festive clock options for HBO Max holiday movie fans are:

Christmas story

National Lamphun Christmas Vacation

Christmas story 2

The miracle of 34th Avenue (1994)

Polar Express


Deck the hall

Jack frost (1998)

Elmo saves Christmas

Fred Claus

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Dennis the Menace Christmas

Holiday affair

8-bit Christmas


Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Events on Fifth Avenue

Christmas 12 dates

Christmas wedding tail

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

Elmo saves Christmas

Have you already seen one of these holiday movies this year? Are you planning to stream one of them on HBO Max soon? Remember to grab some hot cocoa and your favorite cozy blanket before you do-they make every Christmas movie more memorable.

The best Christmas movies on HBO Max

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/the-best-christmas-movies-on-hbo-max/ The best Christmas movies on HBO Max

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