The Best Deals to Shop on January 5, 2021

The Always Pan and a RAVPower MagSafe Charger for iPhone 12 lead Tuesday’s best deals.

Promoted Deal: Walmart+ (15 Days) | Free | Walmart

Walmart+, the popular retail chain’s recently launched membership, includes a few benefits that make signing up more than worthwhile.

Among these is free delivery from your Walmart store*. Delivery is usually available same-day and within an hour window. That means you can run out of coffee after breakfast and get some delivered to your door before you’re hit by the afternoon slump.

A Walmart+ membership is $13 a month or $98 a year, which works out to just $2 a week*. Try it out free for 15 days, no strings attached, and gain access to every Walmart+ membership benefit without committing to a full month or year. Sign up at or download the Walmart app.

*$35 minimum. Restrictions apply.
**Annual plan only. Calculated based on 52 weeks.

Sometimes a laptop screen simply won’t cut it anymore, but a hefty hi-res monitor is a bit too much. If your work day mostly consists of web browsing, emailing, and things that don’t focus too much on nitty gritty details, a 1080p monitor will probably get the job done. You won’t get to see as much content on screen as something with a higher resolution, but you’ll be saving a good chunk of cash. Right now, Dell’s UltraSharp U2419HX, typically $200, is down to $160 at Staples.

In addition to a 24″ 1080p display, this monitor has adjustable height and angles, and five USB ports for all your connectivity needs.

Nothing throws a wrench in your gears quite like bad Wi-Fi. For something as essential to work-from-home life as good Wi-Fi, you should probably ditch your ISP-provided router for something with a bit more power. There’s plenty of options, ranging from $50 all the way up to over $400, and everyone’s needs will vary depending on how many people are on your network and what they’re using for, but a basic, dependable router can usually be found for a decent price. If you want a router that won’t have much trouble with larger spaces and multiple devices, Asus’s RT-AX3000 is down from $180 to $160 at Newegg.

It features 160MHz bandwidth, speeds up to 3000Mbps, and mesh networking if you need to cover a greater area. If you’re in a small apartment right now, that might not seem like a huge deal, but if you end up moving in a year or two, you’ll be thankful for grabbing a router with expandable capabilities so you don’t have to drop a bunch of cash on a whole new system.

Portable USB drives have lots of benefits, from expanded laptop storage, to serving as backup devices, and making transferring files between devices and carrying your files around with you. They can be pricey, though! Samsung’s drives are dependable and sleek, easily sliding into even small bag pockets, so your data can always be at your side. A 1TB drive would typically cost $200, but right now it’s down to $160 on Amazon, saving you $40. You’ll also be able to choose from black, blue, or red, depending on your geek chic.

If you want save even more cash, you can drop down to 500GB and save yourself another $70, since that model’s down to $90 right now on Amazon.

This deal was originally published in July 2020, and was updated with new information on 1/4/2021.

MagSafe is one of the clever, yet unseen new enhancements for Apple’s iPhone 12, implementing a magnetic anchor beneath the backing glass that you can snap a wireless charger and other accessories onto. In classic Apple fashion, however, the accessories are pricey: the MagSafe charging pad itself is $39 without the needed power brick, which will run you another $19.

Here’s a more cost-effective MagSafe charger from third-party maker RAVPower, which offers a wide range of great accessories for phones and other devices. This charger magnetically snaps onto the back of any iPhone 12 model and provides the same kind of wireless charging speed, plus you can use it for AirPods Pro and wirelessly-chargeable AirPods cases.

It also comes with the needed 20W USB-C PD power adapter to plug it into the wall, and it’s all yours for $26 right now when you clip the coupon and use promo code KJEH28AR at checkout. That’s less than half the price of buying Apple’s own components.

I’ve tested Mpow products in the past and was always pleasantly surprised at the value to price ratio. They’re quality without breaking the bank. A real holiday treat from the company is their M9 Wireless Earbuds. They’re just $22 when you clip the coupon and use the code MPOWM901. This discount will appear once you start the checkout process. This code expires on January 10 and it only works for the black color.

The noise-canceling on all the Mpow products is incredible and of course, the M9s are like this too. The 2 mic/CVC 8.0 tech helps reduce environmental noise but also aids in voice clarity for all types of calls. If you’re on a lot of zooms and skypes these might be your new best friend. You’ll get a full scope of balanced sound if you just want to groove too. They have about 40 hours of playtime in total. It’s 6 hours off of a single charge with an extra 34 with the charging case. To get that full charge with the case it will take about an hour. These pair easy via Bluetooth with your chosen device and look really sleek in the all black. The M9s are sweatproof so go ahead and take these on your next jog.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

Movie nights with loved ones are a great way to pass the time. If you’re keeping your circle small or still sticking to those you co-habitat with I’m sure Netflix and Disney+ have been given a run for their money. I’ve been looking into a projector because I’m lucky enough to have a backyard and have a roommate who thought setting up a project for our weekend hangs with the same five people we see might be cool. The Hompow Mini Projector is just $68 right now which is an absolute steal on it.

This projector works with smartphones, laptops/notebooks, tablets, Fire sicks, and more directly with an MHL cable or HDMI adaptor. You’ll need to grab one of those depending on which device you’re streaming with. Get a screen up to 176’’ in mere seconds to make your own personal theater. With so many movie theaters still closed or going out of business this home system is a great way to keep the spirit alive. Although this project is small that doesn’t interfere with its output. High resolution that’s bright and brilliant is not an issue. It even supports gaming systems if you want to host your own esports tournament. Low noise and over 50,000 hours of lamp life makes this an amazing quality to value option. This also comes with a two-year warranty.

Free two-day shipping for Prime members.

Earbuds come in many styles and forms and it absolutely comes down to preference. I go back and for on whether I like the around-the-ear style. These ones from Mpow are made for those who are a little more active. They have the comfort of being a little more secure, which is nice. Right now the Flame Wireless Earbuds are 44% off the original price.

Mpow makes really quality products including earbuds. Really wireless earbuds are where they shine. These ones are only $28 and will make a great backup pair for the gym, running, hiking, or just in case. These sport headphones are quite literally all about the bass. They’ve got powerful environmental noise-canceling tech that still produces full sound. And you can actually feel this bass in your soul. The mics are clear for calls, zooms, skypes, etc. They’re easy to control with a two-touch system and you’ll get up to twenty-eight hours of playtime, up to seven off of one charge. They are designed to be comfortable for long wear and intense activities. They’re waterproof and pair quickly and easily.

These will ship for free for Prime members.

If you have a semi-recent iPhone or a higher-end Android phone, then it’s probably equipped for wireless charging, letting you top it up simply by placing the device on a charging pad or stand. While typically not as fast as plugging in a cable, it’s significantly more convenient, especially if you set your phone down when sitting down to work, for example.

Whether you just got a new phone or haven’t yet tried out wireless charging on your handset, you can grab an Anker PowerWave wireless charging pad for just $10 at Amazon when you use promo code AKAA2503. It supports the Qi charging standard used by the last few generations of iPhones, as well as phones from many of the top Android makers. It also works with wirelessly-chargeable earbuds cases, such as the AirPods Pro.

In need of more power and plugs? Turn your MacBook into the ultimate power station with Aukey’s 9-in-2 USB-C Hub. Right now take 30% off this convenient portable docking device with the code 4OANDQGV.

This little lightweight wonder gives your laptop an extensive expansion with 2 4K HDMI ports, 1 USB-C data port, 1 USB Power Delivery pass-through charging port, 2 USB ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 SD card slot, and 1 microSD card slot. Power up quickly and exchange data faster than ever with the USB-C charging port that supports up to 100W power delivery. The video output produces some of the best and clearest displays with Ultra-HD images. The options here are endless no matter how you need to save, update, or move files. You’ll find this hub is best compatible with the latest MacBook Pro 13-inch and the newest MacBook Air. This is a simple plug and play set up so no software or drivers needed to get the show on the road.

I’ve been reviewing Aukey products the last few weeks and I’m consistently blown away with their quality. They not only do what they say, they look good while doing it. All sleek and compact. The 20,000mAh Power Bank is one of them. Like many of us, I do so much on my phone and I’m not always near an outlet when I do so. This power bank has saved my butt a time or two and it’s currently $26 off at Amazon when you clip the coupon.

This is a universal charger with three USB-A slots and is powered up via USB-C or micro-USB port. This is the larger size of the two they offer and chargers faster than others I’ve had. Expect to get about seven full charges for your phones and just about ten for an iPad/tablet. It’s slim so it’ll easily fit in a pocket or purse. It’s also easy to see how much juice you have left with the LED indicator. As with all Aukey items it’s built with safeguards so no overheating or overcharging. And you’ll get a user manual and a twenty-four-month warranty.

Free two-day shipping for Prime members.

With only 2 days left in 2020 *hysterical applause*, you may be thinking about spending your Christmas money on something practical. Whether you’re working from home or enduring Zoom classes in college or high school, it might finally be time to upgrade that ol’ clunker of a laptop, or since you’re stuck at home anyway maybe you’re considering a desktop PC where you’d get more raw power for less. But then you’d need a monitor and some accessories, of course. Luckily you can buy all of these things and more in HP’s Red Tag sale, offering its last major discounts of the year.

As I mentioned yesterday, the best-reviewed (according to Laptop Mag) HP Envy x360 is marked down 29% using the promo code WINTRSAV5. While this code only applies to select PCs $599 and up, that includes a great deal of the items featured in the sale. The base Spectre x360, the company’s flagship convertible Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford recommended when it first came out in late 2019, is just over $800 using the same coupon at checkout. Normally, that laptop would set you back a whole $1,150. For a midrange PC, the Pavilion Desktop ain’t too shabby either, boasting an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, RX Vega 11 graphics, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive storage paired with a 256GB SSD (the latter is mostly reserved for the operating system I’m guessing). As for monitors, you can supersize your screen real estate to a full 27 inches with a 2560 x 1440 IPS panel for only $240—$90 off the list price—when you buy the HP 27mq. Combine it with a PC and you’ll save an extra 10%.

There’s plenty to go around, and although HP runs sales like this often featuring many of the same products, it’s worth highlighting some of the standouts given that these offers end January 5. Before you know it, you’ll be back at work or spring classes without the gear to get you through it. For a more comprehensive guide to the best deals from HP’s Red Tag event, our own Andrew Hayward curated a complete roundup here.

Many laptops these days sacrifice extensive ports in the favor of being as thin and light as possible, which has its obvious benefits and drawbacks. That’s great for easy portability, but can sometimes be a drag when you need to plug in a device or if you want to make your laptop the center of a more robust home office setup.

There are all sorts of USB-C hubs available, but Vava’s 12-in-1 Docking Station is one of the most port-packed options we’ve seen at an affordable price. Simply plug it into a USB-C port and you’ll add two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB-C PD port, SD and microSD card readers, an Ethernet port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, DC in port, and two HDMI ports. Those HDMI ports enable dual-monitor 4K/60fps action with compatible laptops, letting you turn your slim notebook into a beast of a home PC.

The Vava 12-in-1 Docking Station usually runs $100, but right now when you clip the Amazon coupon and input the exclusive promo code KINJA1228, you’ll drop it down to just $66. If you need a more robust hub like this, it’s a bargain.

I know Game of the Year season is over and we’re all looking ahead to games like Hitman 3 now, but this needs to be said once more: Hades is the one true Game of the Year from 2020. The stylish indie roguelike continues to be a huge hit among critics and fans alike thanks to its fast-paced combat and memorable characters. The Game Awards may not have selected it for its Best Game pick, but many other publications have, making it one of last year’s unanimous favorites. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, there’s still time. Best Buy currently has the Nintendo Switch version down to $20. You’ll get a digital download, so you can start it up right away and immediately see why everyone’s so hooked. Just be careful: it might ruin every other game for you.

You’ve probably played a racing game, but have you really ever played one? For hardcore racing enthusiasts, driving with a controller isn’t quite the same as hitting the open road with a real wheel. If you’re looking to upgrade your setup, Amazon has the Thrustmaster Scuderia Ferrari Race Kit discounted to $225. The package includes a Ferrari emblazoned headset as well as an elaborate racing wheel peripheral that’s compatible with old and new consoles, as well as PC. As a glance, it’s intimidating. There are more buttons and knobs on the wheel than I’d ever know what to do with. Then again, I don’t know how to drive a car at all, so this isn’t for me; it’s for the experts out there who have a need for speed. If nothing else, it just looks cool as hell.

It’s every child’s dream to own a lightsaber. Honestly, it’s probably most adults’ dream too. I’m not even a big Star Wars fan, and I’d still like to have a light sword. I just think they’re neat. Today, your dream can finally come true. GameStop is selling this replica of Asajj Ventress’ lightsaber from Star Wars: The Clone Wars for $150 today, which is 30% off its usual price tag. The lightsaber features authentic lights and sound, which means that you don’t have to go “whooosh” every time you swing it (but that will not stop me). You can also attach another lightsaber blade to its base to create a double-lightsaber, so it’s an affordable way to upgrade if you already own this replica. It also comes with a stand if you just want to display it, but I dare you not to swing this thing.

We all knew this day was coming. Ever since Cyberpunk 2077 launched just about a month ago, it’s seemed pretty clear that a price drop was imminent. A wave of bad press really hurt the game’s word of mouth, despite the fact that it reportedly sold over $13 million units. Whether or not this is directly related to all of the fallout, you can now get Cyberpunk 2077 on PC for $40. Head over to Eneba and use the code CYBERPUNK2040 at checkout to get the discount on a PC key. There’s a good chance that this could just be a one-off deal, since Eneba just sort of does it’s own thing, but it’ll be interesting to see if this kicks off a new discount trend. Either way, be warned that the game is still being heavily worked on and might not be an optimal experience if your rig isn’t fully up to date.

I love Overwatch, but I haven’t played it in years. During one of my last sessions with the game in 2017, I played a round as Bastion and got absolutely wrecked. Several children got on mic to dunk on me and I decided I could never show my face in the shooter again. But you, dear reader, are likely stronger than me. I have faith that you are thick-skinned enough to brave the sea of mad children and enjoy a fun video game. If you fit that description, Eneba currently has Overwatch on sale for PC. Use the code OVERWATCH9 at checkout and you’ll get a digital key for just $9. All jokes about toxicity aside, Overwatch remains a very fun multiplayer experience that’s especially fun with friends. At $9, it’s a great entry into the series ahead of Overwatch 2, which is coming… eventually.

We’re in the infancy stage of this brave new world of consoles right now, which means we’ve got a good 8 years of PlayStation 5 ahead of us. The early years are an especially exciting time for a new system as developers go all out, taking advantage of new hardware. With exciting games on the horizon, it’s a good time to pick up a PS Plus subscription so you can play online. For those who know they’ll be playing the system for a while, Eneba currently has a strong deal on the online service.

You can grab 2 full years of PS Plus for $59. To get it, add a 1-year membership to your cart. Then head to checkout, up the quantity to two, and enter the code 2021FINALLY. It shakes out to just under $30 a year, so this is an excellent bit of saving for anyone with enough foresight to know they’ll still be playing Destiny 2 in 2022.

“Looking cool, Joker!” That’s what everyone will say when they come to your house and see the SteelBook edition of Persona 5 Royal proudly displayed on your entertainment center. Well, either that or “Is this some kind of anime?” The game is down to $25 at GameStop, which would be a great price for one of the best JRPGs in recent years on its own. Now add in the fact that you’re getting this year’s beefed up Royale upgrade, which adds new content to the game, and a fancy SteelBook case that comes with a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme to boot. You truly will be looking cool, Joker.

Best Buy has a double dose of Kingdom Hearts deals today, so I hope you’re prepared. For starters, Kingdom Hearts 3 is down to $10. Considering that the RPG only came out one year ago, that’s a very low price. Kingdom Hearts 3 concludes the Disney/Final Fantasy hybrid trilogy that will most assuredly get another installment somewhere down the line. For Switch owners, the recently released Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is now $45. The latest installment of the series is a rhythm game where players dance along to classic songs from the franchise. And yes, that includes Simple and Clean.

We’re in the slow period for games right now. At the start of each year, the release schedule temporarily halts, giving players a chance to go back in time and play some older games. Before you jump into the world of Hitman 3, remember to pay your respects to the classics. Collection of Mana is currently 50% off at Amazon, bringing it down to $20. It includes three genre staples: Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana. The latter was never localized in the West until now, so you can play it without having to go through some weird emulator or fan translation. The collection features local multiplayer options for anyone who wants to relive the past with a friend. Adventure forth, brave wanderers.

2020 was a banner year for turn-based tactics games. Titles like Gears Tactics and XCOM: Chimera Squad made a splash earlier this Spring as delays began to sink in. One game you might have missed in all that action? Wasteland 3. The stand-out game blends the worlds of strategy and party-based RPGs to deliver a wild dystopian adventure, complete with spider robots and a giant statue of God President Reagan (2020’s more biting take on the former president). Amazon currently has the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game 50% off, so you can grab it for $30. This is a solid deal for anyone on the hunt for 2020 hidden gems to close out the year.

It’s impossible to describe how long 2020 felt. Games like The Last of Us Part II, which came out in the summer, feel years old at this point. But if you really want to feel the full spectrum of this past year, here’s a reminder that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot came out in 2020. Reach back into the recesses of your mind and think back to last January when the action RPG was one of 2020’s first big games. Those were simpler times. Days when Goku was the center of attention. I miss it. If you want to restart the year fresh, you can grab a PlayStation 4 copy of the game for $20 at Amazon. Everyone say “thank you Goku” in the comments to show your respect.

Let’s get something out of the way pretty quick: you’re probably not traveling soon. We really have to stay the course with lockdowns and there’s no real reason to go anywhere with the holidays behind us anyway. That said, you will be able to travel again some day, perhaps even this year. When that glorious day comes, you’ll want to be prepared, so you’ll need a carrying case for your Switch. GameStop has select slim travel cases for the Switch for $9. Each one has a different Nintendo mascot on it, like Mario or Donkey Kong, so pick your favorite and toss your Switch right in there. There’s even a Bowser one. Hell, grab a few and use a different one for each vacation you take when this is done. I for one am going to go hog-wild with portable gaming accessories the second I can get back on a train. I’m going to be a god damn mobile entertainment center.

Always Pan | $116 | Our Place | Use code BYE2020

Always Pan | $116 | Our Place | Use code BYE2020
Image: Gabe Carey

If you spend a lot of time perusing social media, then there’s a good chance that you’ve come across Our Place’s Always Pan. It’s a beautifully-designed nonstick pan that you wouldn’t mind leaving on your stovetop, and thankfully, the function matches the form.

The Always Pan is billed as an 8-in-1 replacement for your cavalcade of lesser pans, as it can be a saute pan, skillet, steamer, saucepan, and more, and you can boil, braise, strain, and quite a bit more with this versatile kitchen tool. We’ve seen rave reviews from critics and everyday customers alike, who praise the Always Pan for its even cooking and clever design elements.

Gizmodo staff writer Victoria Song shared her take on bringing this wonder pan into a tiny Manhattan studio apartment:

“This thing is super easy to clean, cute on the stovetop, and finally, I have a goddamn place to rest my spatula. Also, I am super excited to trash, like, five pans that are roughly the same size that I have absolutely destroyed. Do you know how much cabinet space we’re going to reclaim?? Do you????

Right now, you can save $29 on the Always Pan direct from the manufacturer when you use promo code BYE2020 at checkout. These have been in short supply due to holiday demand, and most color options are set to ship in February. Still, this deal is sure to push that wait time back even further, so jump on this bargain while you can!

Although you might not get as powerful performance from a cordless electric screwdriver, sometimes your even closest outlet is out of reach. And if you’re without a wireless solution, well—excuse the pun—you’re screwed. As a backup, you should always have a cordless screwdriver somewhere around the house. Fortunately, this one from Tacklife is on sale for $14 on Amazon today when you enter the promo code UOPDJXCP at checkout. In total, with the discount applied, you’re looking at a total discount of 45% down from the original $28 list price. Now that’s podracing.

Despite having what I’m guessing is inferior performance to a stationary screwdriver, Tacklife’s cordless option boasts a decent 2,000mAh battery, rechargeable over microUSB. A three-level battery indicator lets you know when you’re about to run out of juice. Complete with a 4nm torque and 1/4″ magnetic chuck, on paper it doesn’t sound too shabby. Speeds of up to 200 RPM round it out as a fine budget option for anyone whose DIY projects don’t require anything too vigorous.

This deal ends January 9, so if you’re in need of a new electric screwdriver snatch this one up while it’s still on sale, no strings (or cords) attached.

I think we can all agree paper straws are stupid. I get that you want to save the planet but at what cost? You get two sips in and it’s utterly useless. If you are like me and hate this hopeless alternative there is another option. Help the planet and never have to use paper nonsense again with this collapsible magnetic super straw. It’s 24% off and lets you do your part by cutting down waste on single-use plastic straws.

These straws are on sale in three colors aqua, navy, and pink. They fit snuggly in a cup as large as a twenty-four ounce. They’re made of tough stainless steel and the silicone tip makes it easier and more pleasing to drink out of. It’s is collapsible and comes with a cute carrying case to make using it much more convenient. And it easily and firmly assembles with magnets. You’ll also get a cleaning brush to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. This comes with a one-year warranty too.

Free shipping on orders over $39.

Need a jump? With an A rating from Fakespot, Meterk may not be a household name, but its 1500A portable jump starter is backed by a 4.6-star average review score out of over 3,500 ratings. Capable of restoring both your car and your phone to full health, the device boasts 18,000mAh of power, enough to bring gas cars up to 8 liters and diesels up to 6 liters back to life. On a full charge, Metertek claims it can jump-start your car around 30-40 times, although I have my doubts about that, especially since one verified reviewer said they were only able to manage eight. The company also says the starter can juice up your phone to 100% up to 10 times before you have to plug it into a socket for another 3 hours.

Still, a jump starter with this kind of performance would ordinarily set you back at least $70, this particular model included. Thanks to its dual-USB design, you can even connect two devices at once, one of which can take advantage of the quick-charge 3.0 port assuming it’s compatible. It’s unclear how long exactly it would take to fully charge, say, an iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S20, but you can rest assured a car jump-start only takes about 1-3 seconds. As for its total lifespan, Metertek asserts this’ll keep cranking for a whole 3-5 years if you take proper care of it. Fortunately, that won’t be too difficult considering its rugged enclosure is rated for IP65 water resistance.

To get the discount, just clip the on-site coupon and enter our exclusive promo code KINJIA001. This deal expires January 15, so act now before you forget you saw this and inevitably miss out.

As we start 2021 there’s no shame in wanting to enter this year with new things. Since we are likely to still be at home awhile longer we might as well make it as cute and cozy as possible. Give your sleep space a little makeover and ensure your slumber is comfy as can be. All the sizes for Charter Club are currently 50% in this 4 piece sheet set deal. This is a flash sale for today only, just use the code HOME at checkout.

New sheets are an easy way to refresh your bedroom and even class it up a bit. We may not be traveling to hotels with big beautiful beds and astronomical thread counts but that doesn’t mean we can’t recreate that at home. This Charter Club set is made of 100% Supima cotton and that count is 550. The chic stripes on this Damask collection come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. These are easy to wash in the machine and fabric softer is not needed as they are already lush and plush. There are sixteen color options at various sizes for your mattress needs. If you’re thinking you want these I’d purchase them quickly. At this price, they will likely sell out.

Not everyone has the cash to splurge out on a Roomba, but there are affordable alternatives, such as these Roborock vacuums that are up to 35% off at Amazon for the next week. The Roborock E4 is the most affordable option, chopped down to $200 when you clip the coupon.

And if you want a multitasker that can both vacuum and mop, the Roborock S6 is equipped for the job and marked down 35% from the list price to $420. That deal lasts until January 17, while the others expire on the 10th.

Ready for a comfortable night’s sleep? Sleep like a baby on a Buffy Cloud down alternative comforter for as low as $65— that’s the price of one that will fit a twin or twin XL (dorm-size) bed. For most of us, we’ll need to step up to the full/queen Buffy Cloud down alternative comforter for $80.

I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. The Buffy comforter is made of soft hypoallergenic eucalyptus fibers. And, the fill is sustainably made of recycled materials. It’s so lovely to find an eco-friendly and skin-friendly comforter— but even more lovely to find it for 50% off! Plus, this comforter is made for all seasons, so you can enjoy it now and its lyocell breathable fabric will keep you comfortably cool in the summer as well.

For the fancy people with their fancy massive California king beds, the Buffy Cloud comforter is down to just $100 right now. You really can’t beat that price!

I don’t know where you’re reading this from, but here in Minnesota, we’ve already got plenty of snow deterring outdoor activities for a while. That includes outdoor grilling, of course, which is why this Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 for just $200 at Best Buy seems like a perfect solution for winter doldrums.

The Foodi isn’t just an indoor grill, it is also a 4-quart air fryer and can also bake, dehydrate, and roast your favorite dishes.

Grab it while it’s at this great price and get cooking!

Get that unsightly Gladware mess under control with this kitchen deal of the day: YouCopia food storage lid organizers are just $13 or $16 right now at Amazon.

These StoraLid organizers can hold both square and round lids, and has adjustable slots so you can customize it to fit the needs of your inventory of lids you need to organize. It’s $13 for a small or medium option, and $16 for the large.

Why not celebrate the new year with sparkling clean cabinets? Grab one for your home now!

Normally this would be the time of year where I’d buy new towels for my cousin who stays with me when she visits from England or for my old roommate who crashes on the sofa on her way up to Boston. But alas, no towels are purchased for them this year. No holiday guests in 2020. However, this Macy’s sale is so good I’m just going to toss out the old and welcome the new. The Martha Stewart Collection of Quick Dry Towels are just $6 and the hand towels are $5. So you can have a set for only $11.

They come in 10 colors so you’re sure to find the right hues to blend with your bathroom decor and add a touch of class. Each towel is made of cozy machine washable cotton and guaranteed to be cozy after a nice hot shower. This is because one side reverses to a solid terry cloth material. The bath towels are a standard 27″ x 52″. Act fast because these will not last.

Free shipping on orders over $25. This sale ends on Sunday.

It’s 2021 my dudes, and Bezos is back to line his pockets with another year of deals on Amazon’s own devices. For a limited time, you can talk to Alexa on your choice of the latest Echo Dot Kids Edition (or the regular Echo Dot if you hate fun), the 4th Gen standard Echo, the 3rd Gen Echo Dot, the Echo Auto, the Echo Show 5, and the Echo Show 8 if you’re so inclined, for up to 60% off the sticker prices. That’s right, whether you’re looking to add smart features to your car or adorn your nightstand with a friggin’ sweet tiger, uhh, for the kids, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon Echo smart speaker. In her review of the 2020 upgrade, Gizmodo’s Victoria Song had this to say:

“If you’re on an OG Amazon Echo or a second-generation Echo, you could probably do with the boost in audio quality. Other than the improved audio quality and the new round design, many of the upgrades just aren’t that noticeable. At the end of the day, I’m left feeling, like, ‘Well, this is the round Echo with surprisingly decent audio that does pretty much what my other Echo speakers do.’

Like I said, it’s round. That’s the story.”

As for the $30 Echo Dot 4th Gen in particular, you can save $50 off the original list price when you buy two at once. Especially if you’re planning to set up a smart home system around the whole house, with a smart speaker in every room, it’s worth entering the promo code DOT2PACK at checkout since you were going to buy them anyway.

You may have seen Atlas Coffee Club on Forbes, USA Today, Food & Wine, and even CNN, but for the uninitiated, this subscription-based coffee service is giving Kinja Deals readers free shipping on all its offerings using the exclusive promo code KINJAFREESHIPPING. Exclusively for the holidays, you can share the love with friends, family members, and even mortal enemies if you’d like, at no extra cost for shipping. Every 2-4 weeks, you or your loved ones can look forward to half a bag of coffee on your doorstep from a different country around the world each time.

With more than 50 countries now producing coffee for the service—including Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Peru—you’ll have plenty of opportunities to refine your taste and sample a bunch of globally curated grounds, or whole beans for those who find satisfaction in grinding their own. Travel the world from the safety of your own home, in coffee form. In a time when sitting on a passenger plane puts yourself and others at risk, consider this a safer alternative to an international expedition.

If your muscles are just as stressed as you are, grab a TaoTronics massage gun. Down to $70 with a coupon clip promo code KINJA1111, you’ll have six gun attachments and twenty-speed modes to really get into the deep tissue of your legs, shoulders, and wherever else you’ve got a little tension. All told, it’s $48 off the list price right now.

Over a year ago I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive in-store event at a SpaceNK here in NYC. It was an exciting night of sampling all their holiday selections that year. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and were very talented makeup artists. SpaceNK has been a leading curator of the most coveted, original, and bold brands in beauty. It was true that night and it’s still true now. Get up to 50% in this post holiday sale and grab some amazing products for a lot less. No codes needed.

At that aforementioned event, I finally got to try a few Kevyn Aucoin items and I fell in love. That line lives up to the legend he was in every way. This Kaleidochrome All Over Highlight Palette has four highly pigmented and stunning metallic shades. These are versatile and can be used on not just your nose and cupid’s bow but on the eyes, cheeks, and even the lips. It’s also 69% off.

The To-Go Mask Duo by Fresh is 40% off and a great way to sample this best-selling brand’s top performers. This duo contains the Rose Face Mask and the Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator. These products work in tandem to give your skin a nourishment boost with natural ingredients to make it as smooth, soft, and glowing as possible.

Let’s get that hair in order for 2021. Ouai’s Repair Conditioner is here to help sad limp damaged hair. Ouai is one of the best brands for replenishing your tresses with the moisture it needs to get its bounce back. Get softer healthier hair now with this repairing conditioner especially if it’s dyed or colored. Ouai is known for some fancy hair tech that leaves your mane stronger and smelling beautifully. You’ll save 27% on this bottle.

Free shipping on all orders over $50.

If you thought JACHS was done with the deals because the holidays have passed you were wrong. Welcome the new year with some new pants. Grab any three pairs of their very popular stretch line for just $75. Use the code 3PT at checkout and you will see the discount appear. This includes their Chinos, Travelers, Canvas, and Tech & Twill pants. There are fifty-one options currently available in various colors and fits so you’re sure to find three that vibe with your style. You deserve to enter 2021 as cool and chic as possible.

Free standard shipping on all domestic orders over $100.

Now that we’re at home all the time, slowly losing our minds, it’s crucial, now than ever, that we start taking our vision seriously. I mean, without the right pair of glasses, how are you going to finally binge-watch the entirety of The Sopranos over the next few weeks—without overworking your retinas? How are you going to comfortably see every bright, raytraced pixel on your new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

You’re going to need a fresh pair of prescription frames for 65% off, and we’re going to give that to you, courtesy of GlassesUSA. Right now. Take a moment. Find your next pair of glasses, look at the price, and slash that by two thirds. Now check out and enter the promo code KINJA65, and add blue light blocking lenses while you’re at it, for 50% less with the code BLUE50. Whether you’re staring at Good Screen or Bad Screen, your eyes will thank you for the added layer of protection. You don’t necessarily even need a prescription.

To further sweeten the deal, GlassesUSA is giving Kinja Deals readers a 20% discount on designer brands including Gucci, Prada, Armani, and more. Just drop the promo code PREMIUM20 in at checkout and watch the numbers shrink. No matter your standards, you’re bound to find a new pair of eyes that suit you well. If not, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on ALL GlassesUSA orders. Before you check out with a fresh pair of frames, however, I do recommend uploading a photo of yourself and trying them on your virtual face—a real thing you can on this website.

*Premium- and Sale-tagged frames excluded.

Many of us got a crash course on remote work and remote learning last year due to the pandemic, and the surge in popularity around the Peloton bike shows that there is likewise ample demand for remote fitness devices that recreate that in-person gym experience.

Here’s another option for those who prefer to grab a paddle rather than bike or run. The Hydrow Connected Rower essentially brings the Peloton playbook to a rowing machine, with sleek hardware outfitted with a 22-inch touchscreen that delivers live instructor broadcasts and more than 1,000 saved video sessions.

If that sounds like an ideal way to keep you safely moving, Best Buy is currently taking $250 off of the Hydrow list price. That puts it just under $2,000, plus you’ll pay monthly for the Hydrow content service to make full use of it. While that’s no small investment, Hydrow reviews are very positive and it might be just what you need to skip the future gym fees altogether.

The Amazon Halo is on sale for 25% off right now, a price that applies to all three color options: Black Onyx, Blush Rose Gold, and Winter Silver. That brings it down to just $75.

The Halo measures body fat percentage, your activity, sleep, and even your tone of voice to track things like “energy and positivity” according to the Halo’s product description.

Since it doesn’t have a screen, the Halo is a nice distraction-free way to keep track of fitness metrics. Finish that workout or get better sleep without a blinking screen to grab your attention! You can monitor everything on an app on your phone instead— on your schedule.

Cariuma is a company definitely making waves in the sustainability space. They’re dedicated to fighting against wasteful practices that are rampant in the fashion industry. David and Fernando, the founders, wanted to bring all that to the sneaker game and to create thoughtfully made shoes with cool comfort. Good-looking kicks consciously created with classic styles. The company partnered again with color giants Pantone to release their hues for 2021 and it’s got classic casual written all over it.

They all run under $100. The low tops come in the shades of this new year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These are sharp shoes and you’ll turn heads for sure and take a step towards more eco-conscious shopping. I have a pair of Cariuma sneakers and love them. The color is striking and I always get compliments when I wear them out. They are a bit heavier but once you get used to them you’ll be just as stylish.

This is one of my favorite palettes I’ve ever owned. Its hues are ideal for the chilly season and even the names conjure images of all the wonders this time of year has to offer. This eight pan palette from Tarte will make you a bonfire queen in no time and this is the lowest price out there for it. Take $6 off now to create a laidback look with vibrant hues.

These are rosy and cozy colors that are highly pigmented, mix beautifully, and absolutely complement each other. Slightly scented with chocolate it comes in a pink flannel case. This is the palette your collection was missing on frosty days. There’s a good variety of mattes, metallics, and there’s even a nude rose blush. Each of these glides on creamy and with ease. Apple Picking and Homecoming are my favorite shades to match with sweater weather.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

A ball has dropped. Confetti exploded. Liquids were guzzled. Welcome to a New Year and what better what to celebrate than with a buttload of new toys from Adam & Eve. Yes, I wanted that phrasing. Not only can you take 50% off any toy you find today you’ll also get one of six goodies for free. You can pick from the company’s number one stroker, a couples kit, and even vibrating panties. Just use the code BONUS50 at check out.

I’ve heard you gents and I promise to make sure you boys have your plugs and strokers highlighted more this year. That being said this is a brand new toy for Adam & Even. The Sweetie Rechargeable Plug is bringing thrills to the backyard. There are seven vibe modes, it’s soft silicone, and lasts up to sixty minutes on one charge. It’s five and a half inches long and is sure to be a best-seller very soon.

The Remote Control Heat-Up P-Spot Stimulator may be for those a bit more adventurous. There are a few bells and whistles here to wet yours. This remote control vibe warms up for your special spot all while giving a tingle to those testicles. It’s got eleven modes, is about five inches long, and like the toy above except about an hour of playtime off of a single charge. It’sody soft safe silicone and of course good with lube.

Since one entry is never enough here’s the new Deelite Double O Heaven. Think of it as a 2-in-1 designed to be as close to the real thing as possible with interior ticklers. Mimicking suction adds something extra and options are always nice right? It’s almost eight inches long, made of soft TPE on the inside, and solid ABS plastic on the outside. It’s still surprisingly discreet and easy to clean.

Standard $8 shipping on all orders.

Bra Bearies CBD | $23 | Sunday Scaries | Promo Code KINJA25

Bra Bearies CBD | $23 | Sunday Scaries | Promo Code KINJA25
Graphic: Gabe Carey

Folks, let me tell you, Sunday Scaries CBD makes a difference, and I’m not just saying that because we get a cut of the sales. I’ve been taking everything from oil droppers, gummies, and “Unicorn Jerky” for months now as a substitute for the, uhh, other substances I started to depend on during lockdown, and it’s made a huge difference. Gummies, of course, are the most fun way to enjoy a healthy dose of CBD—especially when they’re strawberry flavored and infused with vitamin C for an extra boost of immunity. For a limited time you can see what I mean for 25% less than you’d normally pay off the shelf using our exclusive promo code KINJA25, bringing your grand total to just $23 when you subscribe to recurring shipments, or $35 for a single bottle.

They don’t call ‘em Bra Berries for no reason either. For every purchase made, Sunday Scaries donates a portion of the proceeds to The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit organization devoted to breast cancer research fundraising and raising awareness for the disease. Chill out while supporting a good cause and take advantage of this deal sooner rather than later, as this deal only lasts a limited time.

I’ve been a fan of Clinique’s products for years. My mom is still very much a loyal customer so I often get sent their lipstick when she would visit the makeup counter at Macy’s. Passion Pop is my go-to color and this set brings 5 other shades from that collection together in one very affordable set. The 5 piece Kisses Gift Set is only $15. This sale will run until January 11.

Just one of these is normally $20 so this is quite the sale for a lipstick enthusiast. Keep them all or share them with friends. I can tell you these are absolutely moisturizing and leave your lips very soft. They glide right on and have a really nice velvet finish. The color is very saturated so you can go as bold as you want. The shades in this set are all from the Pop line and include Nude, Plum, Poppy, Cherry, and Papaya.

Free shipping on orders over $25.

There’s so much to do in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that I can’t imagine many people have hit the bottom of the content barrel yet. The open world game is filled with side-quests, collectibles, and secrets that give it a very long-tail. So fans probably aren’t sitting around wishing for more at this point. But for the extremely committed, the official Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla book is currently on sale. The regular hardcover is $26, but the nifty Deluxe Edition is $50. It comes with a decorative slipcover and a landscape lithograph. This 192-page book is the perfect way to experience the English countryside at your leisure. I mean, sure, you could just get a photography book of real world England, but where’s the fun in that?

Can’t get enough Cyberpunk 2077? Or simply waiting to keep playing until the game’s upcoming patches make the game functional on PS4 and Xbox One? In any case, Amazon currently has The World of Cyberpunk 2077 on sale for $25, so you can get deeper into Night City. The 192-page hardcover is a handy explainer on some of the game’s extensive lore. This is especially handy if you’re someone like me who found themselves lost trying to understand all of the game’s different factions and tech-jargon. It’s not a guide, but it seems like a handy glossary for anyone that finds themselves a little overwhelmed by everything happening in the story.

Ghost of Tsushima is an extremely pretty game. Regardless of how you feel about its Ubisoft style open world, it’s hard not to get sucked in by all the gorgeous colors and locations. Even as someone who’s generally exhausted by the genre, I found Tsushima to be one of the most pleasant game worlds to traverse on aesthetic alone, right up there with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you want to really soak it in even more, Amazon is currently selling The Art of Ghost of Tsushima book for $34. Published by Dark Horse Books, the hardcover is aesthetically pleasing on its own with its fancy slipcover. Of course, the main attraction is the art itself, which includes storyboards, sword-fighting diagrams, and much more.

The final chapter of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now on Netflix. If like me you just aren’t ready to fully let the princess of the Underworld go there are some fun supplementary pieces of media out there. Outside of the comics (which are brilliant) there is a trilogy of prequel novels to get your Greendale fix. Season of the Witch is the first in the series and it’s 15% off right now.

This series takes place just before the show starts so it’s a fun lead-in if you were planning a rewatch before binging season four. Here we have our young witch studying magic and all the wonder that will come with her powers. The gang’s all here too: Susie, Roz, Harvey, Hilda, and Zelda. And of course my favorite cousin Ambrose. Sabrina wrestles with the idea that she only has a limited time of normal teen bliss before the big day of becoming a full-fledged witch. Being a Sabrina series you know spells backfire, mysterious spirits interfere, temptations swarm, and intentions go awry. Are you ready to walk down the path of night?

It will ship for free for Prime members if you prefer a physical copy. And the download is instant if you want the digital version.




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If you want to hear about a good deal on earbuds, listen up! Amazon currently has Sennheiser’s Momentum earbuds for $140. That’s $160 off the list price, which is music to my ears. Here’s the basic feature rundown. These are wireless Bluetooth buds that come with their own charging case, which adds two extra charges to the buds. That brings the battery life up from four hours to 12. They have touch controls, so you can control music and calls with a tap of your finger. It’s a pretty complete feature set for a heavily discounted price, so consider shoving these in your ears if you’re in the market for a new pair.

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