The best games you missed in August 2020: Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

Playing Milky Way Prince made me think about people I would rather forget, and memories that would never hurt. You know, about the intense and dysfunctional relationship that sometimes ends when you are stupid and young.

This is the first commercial work of solo developer Lorenzo “eyeguys” Redaelli and the first work released by the famous developer Santa Ragione of Wheels Of Aurelia, at the heart of which is a game that feels young. Like many young adults, it’s rough and completely too honest.

Milky Way Prince tells the story of Nuki, a bright young man with a passion for astronomy, who meets a mysterious and fascinating sneak while chasing a shooting star. The chemistry between the two adolescents quickly emerges, and the chance encounter quickly turns into a romance of fate spoken through text and photographs.

If you prefer, you can call the Milky Way Prince a visual novel, but the description is usually reminiscent of a photo of a still image floating above an endless dialog box. The game chooses a more stylish approach and mixes 2D sprites with stylized 3D backgrounds to create something similar to an interactive comic. Click to scroll through the text and occasionally select dialog options, but there are also more interactive scenes, such as the moment you groom yourself in the bathroom before booking. I especially liked the way the game portrayed the sex scene. The icons represent the senses that provide glimpse details in the heat of passion. Perfume scent. The warmth of sneak meat. The thin scars on the wrist were immediately hidden.

There are several of these abstract sex scenes, but the first one is almost too fast, and Nuki and Sune declare that they are linked by fate a few minutes after they meet. If it’s not a little too close to what I said when I was young, I blame the script for being awkward and unrealistic.

“The brightest star is always the most unstable star,” says Nuki after his first encounter with Sune. Then, when I was 16 again, I skipped school and traveled all over Italy to save my friends. “I’m dating a shooting star. I’m an interesting person right now.” I remember feeling when I approached such a person. I remember it was dazzling at first before it became scary.

Screenshot of Milky Way Prince. In the middle of a discussion with Sune, he shows a young man Nuki. He repeatedly asks Sune to settle down and reassures him that he is not fooling him.

Relationship and mental health games are not uncommon, but topics are rarely treated with the elegance they need. Milky Way Prince avoids confusing psychosis with cartoon malice and presents subtle and realistic portraits of toxic relationships and all the different ways it can fail.

Despite its dark charm, Milky Way Prince is not the game I play simply Please recommend it to others. I think the impact depends on how well it reflects your own experience. If you can’t see yourself, you may not be able to tolerate the soap opera, at least a little.
But if you also find yourself in a very special situation trying to save someone who is enjoying your misery, I hope Milky Way Prince will help you understand that you are not alone. I am.

Also, it’s sometimes okay to leave.

Milky Way Prince can be purchased on Steam,, GOG, Humble, and the Epic Games Store for £ 7 / € 10 / $ 10.

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The best game you missed in August 2020: Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

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