The best Genshin Impact character you can hope for

Currently, there are only 24 characters in Genshin Impact. More can be expected as updates are made, until you can choose from hundreds of characters. Of course, with all these characters, it’s hard to figure out who to focus resources on. There are many Genshin Impact character tierists that have already been created, but here is our idea.

Here are some of our recommendations and viable alternatives. In any case, it is not possible to predict when RNG will give that blessing. You can also check your wishes with the Primogem Agriculture Guide.

Genshin Impact Character Tiers and Abilities – Exploration and General Support: Venti

Venti cannot be mistaken. He Solid support character For both exploration and combat.his Elemental skills Fire the enemy into the air (and he if you charge it). Disables slowly drifting down enemies and gives you a break to set your next move. Outside of combat, you can give a boost to reach the hard-to-reach Geo / Amenocury.

his Elemental burst It creates a swirling vacuum and inhales and damages enemies. Previous elemental stats are confused in vacuum, doing more damage.You will find it very convenient in Spiral Abyss Different domains because he can easily collect enemies of your DPS character. With the right build, he can do decent damage or continue to use it as soon as the burst ends.

Because you can only get him through his limited banner Anemo Element support characters Traveler Or Jean.. For exploration Geo Traveler There are many ways, but is the best bet.

Best Genshin Impact Character – DPS: Diluc

NPCs may discuss everything they want, but players know The strongest in Mondostadt is Dirk..With his incredibly high attack stats and kits that take advantage of it, no one gets completely close to his damage output...His elemental skills allow him up to 3 slashes, Pyro damage. His burst sends out a fiery phoenix Then cover his sword with a burning fire for a short period of time.He Solid DPS Anyways. Get him through a standard or event banner.

If you’re unlucky, Keqing, Razor, Or Jeongyun As the main DPS. Pyro element is Bennett An excellent support character that you can build to become a DPS. Otherwise, Shomine It is also a suitable Pyro character to use.

Genshin Impact Character Tiers and Abilities – Healer: Qiqi

She may be small, but don’t be fooled by her appearance. This little zombie girl can do a lot of damage while healing the team at the same time. Her skill is Cryo Element Spirit Causes damage and heals active characters.her burst Mark enemies within range with amulets that damage them. As an additional effect, damaging marked enemies will heal the active character.

Her unique point BarbaraThe more accessible healer character is that her healing is proportional to the attack. The dismembered healing comes from her HP, which makes her a good “tank” character, but not very useful as a DPS.

For healing, we recommend Barbara even if you are not pulling Qiqi Or Jean..

Character Tiers and Abilities – Battle Support: Fischl

Fishles are excellent in combat support. Her skill summons a crow, Oz, A person who causes electro damage. If you switch the fishle to another character, he will stay for the duration of the skill. This is great for setting up elementary reactions that do even more damage. Her burst transformed her into Oz, who damaged enemies and increased mobility. It also resets the Oz time in the field. With the right build, you can activate Oz for the entire duration of the battle.

No other character is a perfect match for her in this regard, but no other viable support hero. Mona, Shomine, Or Bennett..

Conclusion-Players’ experience may vary

This is the case for this version of the Genshin Impact character layer. Of course, you will have your own taste. One of these characters may not fit the way you want to play, or your desire to get one of them is too unlucky. Rest assured that you can build a good team even if you don’t have a highly recommended character. You need the right builds and equipment for them.

This list is subject to change later as more characters are added to the available roster. Who knows, someone else may be able to replace Diluc as the best DPS character in the future. For now, these are the characters you should want.

May you get the person you want with the next pull!

The Best Genshin Impact Characters You Can Wish For

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