The best motivational short stories you need to read this 2020

I’m pretty much on a roller coaster in 2020 and it looks like it’s hanging in the air and I have no plans to land. In short, it was a terribly amazing year. Despite all that desolation, we humans will find some amnesty when the situation gets tougher. Here are some motivational short stories that may resonate with you to raise your spirit and face a new day.

The best motivational short stories you need to read this 2020

Potatoes, eggs, coffee beans

Once upon a time, the daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and she didn’t know how to get it done. She was always tired of fighting and struggling. One problem seemed to be resolved, but soon another problem followed.

The chef’s father took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and put each on high heat. When the three pots started to boil, he put the potatoes in one pot, the eggs in the second pot, and the ground coffee beans in the third pot.

Then he sat them down and boiled without saying a word to his daughter. My daughter moaned and wondered what she was doing and couldn’t wait.

Twenty minutes later he turned off the burner. He took the potatoes out of the pan and put them in a bowl. He pulled out the egg and put it in a bowl.

Then he took out the coffee and put it in a cup. He turned to her and asked. “What do you see, daughter?”

“Potatoes, eggs, coffee,” she hurriedly replied.

“Look closely and touch the potatoes,” he said. She did so and found them soft. Then he asked her to take an egg and break it. After peeling the shell, the boiled egg was observed. Finally, he asked her to drink coffee. The rich scent brought a smile to her face.

“Dad, what does this mean?” She asked.

He then explained that potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans each faced the same adversity: boiling water.

However, each reaction is different.

The potatoes were strong, hard and mercilessly entered, but became soft and weak in boiling water.

Eggs were fragile and protected the inside of the liquid until the thin shell was placed in boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became hard.

However, the ground coffee beans were unique. After being exposed to boiling water, they changed the water to make something new.

“Who are you?” He asked his daughter. “How do you react when adversity knocks on your door? Are you a potato, an egg, or a coffee bean?”

Morality: In life, things happen around us and things happen to us, but what really matters is only what happens within us. Which is you?

Wooden man climbing the stairs

Colonel Sanders | Kentucky Fried Chicken

There used to be an elderly man who lived in a broken little house and owned a beat-up car. He lived on a $ 99 social security check. At the age of 65, he decided he had to change things. So he thought about what he had to offer. His friends praised his chicken recipe. He decided this was his best shot to make changes.

He left Kentucky and traveled to various states to sell recipes. He told the restaurant owner that he had a recipe for Mouthwater chicken. He offered them free recipes and asked for only a small percentage of the items sold. Sounds pretty good.

Unfortunately, not most restaurants. He heard NO more than 1000 times. Even after all those rejections, he didn’t give up. He believed that his chicken recipe was special. He was rejected 1009 times before hearing the first Jesus.

With that one success, Colonel Heartland Sanders changed the way Americans eat chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken, widely known as KFC, was born.

Never give up and always remember to believe in yourself even if you are rejected.

Very special bank account

Imagine you have a bank account that deposits $ 86,400 each morning. Your account will not carry over your balance daily, you will be able to maintain your cash balance, and every night you will cancel some of your unused amounts during the day. what would you do? Withdraw $ 1 every day!

We all have such a bank. Its name is time. Every morning, 86,400 seconds will be credited. Write it down every night as lost whenever you can’t use it wisely. It does not carry on the daily balance. Overdrafts are not allowed, so you cannot borrow or spend more time than you do. Every day, your account starts anew. Every night, it destroys unused time. If you do not use the deposit for the day, it is your loss and you cannot sue to get it back.

I don’t have time to rent. You cannot take out a loan at your own time or against anyone else. The time you have is the time you have, and that’s it. Time management is just like money, it’s up to you to decide how to spend your time. We never run out of time to do things, but it’s whether we want to do them and where they are our priorities.

Cut diamond

Lost Property Office: Koh-i-Noor Diamond

One day, Raju, Deep and Sonia were walking around the school. They all lived in the lane near Red Fort in Delhi. They were fighting over who scored better on the semi-annual exams in history.
Sonia was laughing. She couldn’t speak much because she had a disability to speak. She listened to the other two battles. She won 70 percent on the exam. She showed her dissertation to a friend.

“That’s nothing. Even I got 70 percent, but I have a five-star” very good “statement,” Deepu said. “I got 70 percent too, but my wife said I was the best student in my class,” Raju happily shouted. The boy was walking behind them. He overtook them as soon as he heard them talking. As he hurried past, he dropped a shiny stone on the road.

Raju ran and picked up the stone. “Hey, you dropped this!” He exclaimed. The boy stopped, turned around, saw Raju holding a stone in his hand, and called on him to come back.He walked
Go back to him. “Oh, thank you! My mother would have scolded me so much!” He said.

“No problem, but what is this?” Raju asked. The boy looked left and right. He looked around before leading Raju to the corner of the road. Deep and Sonia also went behind them, feeling left behind. “Don’t tell anyone. This is part of the Koh-i-Noor diamond! Do you know about it?” He asked Raju.

“Koh-i-Noor?” Raju couldn’t control his excitement. “Yes, of course! It was just part of the decoration of this fort we are standing in front of. The Red Fort! And it was taken by the British,” he said. Sonia nodded violently. Not only that. Our government is negotiating with the British government to get it back, “Deepu said.

“Wow, you guys know it all!” Said the boy. “So do you know that some of them were detained by the Red Fort soldiers? They knew it would be stolen and split it in two and left most of it here. “He said. Raju refreshed his throat and said, “Of course! I know that!” Deep and Sonia nodded. “The three are very smart,” said the boy. “What can you tell me? You can take this part of the gem and show it to your parents.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The boys and Sonia shouted quietly in their hearts. “Take it here, but you have to give me something I can keep against this diamond,” said the boy. “See, we
Meet for the first time. “What’s your name?” Raju asked. “Deepak,” said the boy. “Okay, Deepak. We’ll give you our cell phone,” Raju said. “Now that’s all.”

“But that’s not enough in return for such a precious diamond that I give you,” Deepak said. “But our cell phones are very expensive!” Deep exclaimed. “Okay, that’s fine,” Deepak said, picking up calls from Deep and Raju.

“We will return Koh-i-Noor to you in the evening, Deepak,” Deep said, and they all fled to Raju’s house first.Excited, they stabbed a diamond under Raju
Father’s nose. Raju’s father looked up from his workbook. “What is this?” He asked. “Uncle, Deepak gave us it to show it to all of you!” Deep said uncontrollably. “It’s part of Koh-i-Noor!”

“Who Deepak? Koh-i-Noor? What is Kohinor?” Raju’s father asked. “Koh-i-Noor Diamond, Daddy! This is it!” Raju said. “Where did you get it? Who was this Deepak who gave it to you? Was he at home before?” Asked his father. “N …. n … No, daddy” Raju stuttered and his face became lighter.

“What did I tell you? Have you ever heard of Koh-i-Noor diamonds in India now?” He asked. “I … I … I don’t remember now,” Raju said. “And without another diamond itself, you can’t disassemble a diamond, and that’s rarely done,” Raju’s father continued. “It’s the hardest substance to find in nature. Most often it’s used to cut other substances.”

Raju, Deep and Sonia were stunned to see him. They didn’t know what to say. Sonia reacted first. She started crying. Raju’s father looked at her and then Raju. He hit his head with his palm and sank in a chair. The three children sat beside him, and Raju and Deep were now weeping. Raju’s father composed the song himself. “Wake up your kid! You lost your cell phone, but today you got something of great value,” he said.

The children looked up. They couldn’t understand. Didn’t they just lose their cell phones to thieves? “That’s right. We all have a valuable lesson from
This theft. Remember, you may know a lot, but you don’t know everything. So the next time you don’t know something, think twice before you act, “he advised. He then gently added, “It would be much more useful to admit it to yourself and act on something.” He held their hand while they were walking towards the door.

He left them at the door and went looking for the stolen cell phone. The three children did not move out of the door until he disappeared.
*** ***
Morality: There’s a lot we know because we learned from books and others. But there is much more we know nothing about (for example, there are no Koh-i-Noor debris in India). Therefore, it is important to know that you do not know everything. Only when you accept this will you act in a hurry, continue to learn, and be better at everything you do in your life.

“Knowing what you don’t know is more useful than great-Charlie Munger

Sunset beach hourglass

In god time

The man walked to the top of the hill to talk to God.

The man asked, “God, what is a million years for you?” And God said “a little”.

Then the man asked, “Well, what is a million dollars for you?” And God said, “Penny.”

Then the man asked, “God ….. can you give me a penny?” And God said, “Sure ….. soon.”

Female silhuoette climbing the top of a mountain

The right place

A mother and baby camel lay under the tree.

Then the baby camel asked, “Why does the camel have a hump?”

With this in mind, her mother camel said, “Because we are desert animals, we have humps to store water and can survive with very little water.”

The baby camel thought for a moment and said, “OK … why are our legs long and round?”

Mom replied, “It’s for walking in the desert.”

The baby has paused. After the beat, the camel asked, “Why are our eyelashes so long? Sometimes they get in the way of me.”

Mom replied: “Long thick eyelashes protect your eyes from desert sand when the wind blows.

The baby thought and thought. Then he said, “Well, so the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, the feet are for walking in the desert, and these eyelashes protect my eyes from the desert. And why are you in the zoo? “

Moral: Skills and abilities are only useful when you are in the right place and at the right time. Otherwise they will be in vain.

Motivational short stories are a great medium to empower you and can bring deep lessons you never thought of. If you want to read a more motivational story in the form of a novel, here’s a list. We have listed some great biographies, self-help books, and fiction that can motivate you!

Best Motivational Short Stories You Need To Read This 2020

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