The best movie to appear on Netflix in August 2021

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Pineapple Express (2008)

Aug. 1

After the trailer introduced everyone to MIA’s amazing “paper plane” Pineapple ExpressWork has already been completed. On top of that, I didn’t even have to make a satisfying and entertaining movie. Thankfully Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and David Gordon Green I decided to give us one anyway Pineapple Express An ideal for Stoner action comedy that is rarely seen or tried.

Logen starred as process server and marijuana enthusiast Dale Denton, and James Franco portrays his annoying drug dealer Sole Silver. When a pair witnesses a murder, they are forced to flee from a hitman, a pair of corrupt cops, and worst of all, Danny McBride. The Rogen / Goldberg comedy catalog has few mistakes, which is especially good.

Sea biscuits and friends
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Sea Biscuits (2003)

Aug. 1

No one would blame Gary Ross. ” Seabiscuit It’s subtle. In a narration of the voice of God by Ken Burns, David McCoullough explains the movie’s theme in a straightforward manner in several scenes, with its biting sentimental scores and dialogue. Seabiscuit Is a Cinderella story, claiming that its nominal racehorse ended the Great Depression. Still, Ross is part of the simple American grandeur of Laura Hillenbrand’s non-fiction original book, and the best race animal raised by three men on horses that everyone counts as worthless. It captures the beauty of this true story of becoming one, the best ever.

This is a comfortable thread type that fascinated people in the 1930s and is still victorious. Combined with some powerful performances such as Jeff Bridges and Chris Cooper, Tobey MaguireAnd, in the terribly undervalued Elizabeth Banks, there are people who really please the rejoicing crowd.

Team America: World Police
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Team America: World Police (2004)

Aug. 1

Roger Ebert’s 1 star review Trey Parker and Matt Stone Team America: World Police It nicely summarizes the meaningless political position of the film. “I wasn’t as angry with the content of the film as its nihilism,” wrote a great film critic.

The best movie to appear on Netflix in August 2021

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