The best racing game on iOS and Android

Racing games on mobile devices often don’t get the attention they deserve, as the asphalt series has destroyed all gamers’ hopes for regular projects in this genre. But in fact, in 2022, there are some great projects in the United Arab Emirates with sports cars that can be rented by both indie and major developers. Let’s look at all of them.

Forza Street

This project belongs to the most arcade races found on smartphones. Players don’t really control the car, so they have the opportunity to enjoy the local beauty and sports car models. I participate in both fast races and plot races. For racers who have the fastest car, there is a one-on-one race where the fastest goes up to the leaderboard.

But keep in mind that this is an arcade mobile game. If you want to feel the real drive and speed, rent a sports car and go to the race track in Dubai. Everyone uses this service today, so you’ll be amazed at the rental price and range of sports cars.Porsche or Adoption of Ferrari It’s no longer a luxury.


Focus Home Interactive was really surprised this year with the release of a serious mobile port Off-road racing simulator. Many people have been looking forward to something like this, as the MudRunner series has long been established on major platforms, and there are few good simulators, especially on smartphones. Trucks roll through impassable mud, trying to complete additional missions as well as complete basic tasks. This includes, for example, prohibiting exits to the oncoming lane and prohibiting winches from sticking to the nearest tree.

Grand Street Racing Tour

Here we take part in a fast race. There, the main task is to get into the drift completely, get nitro, and supply gas at full speed to the end. The developers wrote in a comment at the end of December that this wasn’t included in the game, but promised to rent a great car and ride it for free. The car can be adjusted, but there are no special options. The game is only available on Android and High quality hardware..

Motorsport Manager Online

If you love Formula One and always want to be the manager of your racing team, Motorsport Manager Online is for you. You do everything: hire pilots, make parts to speed up and improve your car, and fight other real managers in 10 races. The game has popular brands such as Audi, Porsche and Mercedes. During the race, you’ll not only get a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening on the track, but you’ll also tell the racer whether to accelerate, overtake, or leave for the pit stop.

Longest drift

This is an arcade project that drifts along a minimalist road along the forest. In the story, the girl goes on an adventure to find her missing her husband and her son. Not only do you have to drift, you have to solve puzzles and solve the cause of the mysterious disappearance of your family.


There are many other projects worth mentioning.

  • CarXRally-An excellent rally simulator that graphically surpasses all mobile games available in similar genres.
  • KartRider Rush +-Story go-kart racing, customizable cars and riders
  • Grand Track Simulator 2-Tracker Simulator; Turn Wheel to Process Orders

If you forget your favorite racing game and think you need to add it to your rating, leave it in the comments.

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