The best rides in video games and why they are important

Shadow of the Colossus-Everyone loves Agro (Photo: Sony)

Readers choose the best horses, cars and spaceships in video games and explain why they are just as important as speaking a character.

My friends call walking a “shank”. In the human world, it is the worst form of travel after Segway. Not so many in the gaming world. Walking and running in games are usually the default unless the distance requires a car, but in most cases we explore the virtual world on foot.

Like Digital Top Gear, I look at different forms of simulated travel and rank them in the top five. They were carved into stone and may have been carried from Mount Sinai by Moses himself. Their obvious correctness.

I think my wisdom is very good. It’s about categorizing each glorious winner into different categories so that your tiny human brain can better understand my galactic-level intelligence. So without any further effort …


Just one step up in walking, most horses are donkey pain to use as a means of transportation. They are difficult to operate. They usually overtake you when you call them, they most often Stadia is proud (a sick burn that she believes will not age horribly). However, they are also the most distinctive means of transportation, full of personality. That is, most people connect with them at a deeper level than other means of transportation.

For me, the winner of this is Wanda and the Colossus Agro. I have the most personal connection with this animal, I hate its internal organs, and I put it in place to shoot those bloody airbags with the frustration of tearing the hair of its flying colossus and geyser colossus. I tried to get involved. But Agro became his beloved comrade and I was keenly aware of the pain of his loss. Only a few hours of games and interactions are the pains that are illegal.

The Witcher 3 roach might have nodded because he had a habit of spawning cheerfully in strange places, such as on trees and huts, but he didn’t because he used less than 5,000 meals. is. My witcher bag. And finally, the Breath of the Wild horse doesn’t nod again. Again, this was more troublesome than they were worth it.


It’s the classic and most reliable Steed used in the game, but it’s rarely memorable because the cars in the game don’t have much personality and are mostly disposable. As such, this is one of the most difficult categories to choose for a complete winner.

If you categorize racing games in your own category, you will listen to the wrath of the charger from the driver. The perfection of this hungry and beautiful car, which appears to have rolled off the silver screen, oozes cool. I loved the control system dragged from Destruction Derby to one of the first truly open worlds.

The car had an even more unruly rear end than Kim Kardashian, which made firing around the flooded embankments in Miami even more enjoyable. The prestigious mention should go to Banshee in GTA 3. This is a cool sports car that definitely sat in the first island car dealership. It flew like a lightning bolt and made you look super cool in the process. And a taxi from Crazy Taxi is the equivalent of a hyperactive 5-year-old kid just introduced in Red Bull’s first can.

My companion was infuriating me while playing Gran Turismo (which I’m currently in a racing game by the way). He chose the Mazda Demio, a car his parents drove. This wasn’t the attraction I was looking for in a Gran Turismo game, and the race he took part in the mythical Demio was close and thrilling, but didn’t go through the virtual window fast enough to my liking. did.

Instead, I longed for a car that was in vogue at the time. The Nissan Skyline, which has shifted to go back in time, still has a unique hydraulic gear shift sound embedded in its head. It took years to get the skyline and adjust it properly, and by the time it was in peak competition, you loved it like your first birth.

The prestigious mention should go to the Finney Angular Piranha in the wipeout series. This was a unique feeling after pulling Pfizer around the truck, like trying to jump a garbage truck. And finally, the Lonely Mountain: Downhill bike exudes an abstract personality from the many ways I managed to get rid of it on the picturesque hillside.


The game has a long history of explaining space exploration, from colony wars fighters to city-sized keepsters on EVE Online. The winner of this must be due to Stockholm Syndrome. Because it’s an Elite Dangerous sidewinder. This is a bad spaceship, it’s slow, it has a terrible engine and range, it has the ability to defend cats in the pool, and it has the equivalent weapons of throwing sand in the Sahara Desert, But I loved it all the same.

Being trapped in this tin can, thrown deeply, and trying to dock side by side in the mailslot was very satisfying to me (everyone who used automatic docking failed as a human being). An honorable mention goes to Normandy, a pointed frontal interstellar knocking shop that houses a brigade that saves Commander Shepard’s dysfunctional world.


The last category is enhanced traversal. If you’re wondering what it is because the winner is Spider-Man, you’re no longer wondering. Spider-Man’s web swings, when they understand it correctly, inspire an amazing sensation, but they also need a Batman zipline here, so they’re actually a tighter category than you might think. And the Just Cause wingsuit and grapple combo surprisingly makes this a fierce battle category. I think Spider-Man wins purely based on intestinal sensations.

And that dear friend is the end of our sorry story. I hope you enjoyed it for what it was worth, and enjoyed the rest of your too short weekend.

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