The best soundbar of 2020, according to Gizmodo

Wow Image quality available on modern cheap TVs— But as TVs got thinner and better, those speakers became smaller and terrible. If you need to shake a room with an explosion, the TV won’t cut it. Hell, it can hardly even make the conversation understandable. Therefore, the soundbar is almost essential for a decent TV experience.

Sure, the soundbar doesn’t sound as good as the full 5.1 set of speakers, but it’s a satisfying medium. It’s easy to set up, requires minimal space, and greatly improves sound quality. (In addition, they tend to be more attractive, which is useful if a particular family does not want a complete sound system in the living room.) If you are looking for a soundbar that fits your new TV, here are some Yes, I chose from my friends in Gizmodo.

Best Cheap TV Soundbar: Vizio 2.0 soundbar

If you can’t stand your TV speakers but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on your upgrade, Vizio will cover it with a 2.0 sound bar. It’s 20 inches long and compact enough to fit almost anywhere, but it’s also cheap, which means it doesn’t cause a lot of bass or stereo separation. As former Gizmodo writer Adam Clark Estes said: “There is a difference between a great soundbar and a great soundbar. The Vizio 20 inch 2.0 soundbar is just one of them.” But what do you know? You will always take over the TV’s built-in speakers.And if you are willing to spend a little more, you can Bundle with a subwoofer For a more fulfilling low end.

Great for streaming: Roku Smart Soundbar

Some people like combos, others don’t.But if you’re like a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, check it out Roku Smart SoundbarPlace the 4K Roku Streaming Box inside a decent compact soundbar.The soundbar itself costs $ 180, which is Equivalent Roku Ultra It costs $ 100 on its own.I recommend grabbing it Roku’s unique wireless subwoofer But for a richer sound. If you don’t have Roku yet (or need an upgrade) Estes called it “easy”— And the same applies to new ones Roku Streambar, A little small and cheap. However, if you already have a streaming solution, you may want to use the following soundbars in this list …

Best Budget Surround Sound: Vizio V Series 5.1 Soundbar

When it comes to straight sound, Vizio has an almost closed soundbar game, especially in the low and mid-priced range.If you want to upgrade from the small options above, a long soundbar like this: Visio V series Thanks to the dedicated center channel, you get better stereo separation, louder volume, and clearer lines. Oh, and it comes with a subwoofer and two surround speakers, so you can get true surround sound from the $ 250 package. My compatriots at Gizmodo haven’t specifically reviewed this model, but I own its predecessor and can confidently say it’s pretty good in terms of price and size. It’s not comparable to a dedicated surround setup, but it’s an absolute winner in terms of price, space savings, and spouse acceptance factors.

Best little soundbar: Sonos Beam

If you already have Sonos speakers in your home, the convenience of a Sonos-based TV setup cannot be ignored.The· Sonos Beam Is a small soundbar, a bit expensive in size, but well worth the cost because it integrates with the rest of the Sonos system (not to mention Alexa).Oh, you can pair yours Existing Sonos Speaker And sub To the beam 5.1 surround sound, It’s just amazing. It sounds better than the small size suggests, “The biggest advantage of the soundbar is the size of the sound stage.” Estes explained in a review of Gizmodo.. “Sometimes with rounded corners, Beam actually sends the audio in three directions … Most soundbars only have speakers in the front, so the sound feels much louder than a two-foot wide soundbar. In other words, Sonos knows what it is doing.

Best with Atmos: Sony HT-G700

You can get 5.1 surround sound from the $ 250 Vizio bar, but you’ll need extra speakers and cables around the room. This is intolerable for some. Taking into account the Dolby Atmos soundbar, certain types of ceilings are often required (see below), and surround sounds can seem unattractive to some.enter Sony HT-G700: Not only is it a large soundbar / subwoofer combination that delivers better sound than smaller competitors, but it also uses Sony’s best-in-class processing to create a more immersive soundstage and Atmos height. It imitates the effect. Gizmodo Victoria Song Featured It’s not the same as having a true rear speaker and height speakers. My experience confirms I’m using a similar Sony bar, but it may seem strange given the fact that it all comes from one unit at the table.In fact, it’s impressive enough Gizmodo considers it the best soundbar for most people..

The perfect space sound for a small room: Sonos Ark

Now we go to a big boy. If you like the idea of ​​Sonos (as above) and Dolby Atmos height effect (as above) I’ve written many times here in The Inventory), Sonos Ark For you It takes all of Sonos Beam’s great features, wireless home-wide audio, and blends it with better sound, sophisticated design, and a large soundbar with Dolby Atmos drivers. The song said it like this: “For someone like me who doesn’t have the space to add subwoofers or satellite speakers, this is probably the easiest, space-efficient, Atmos-compatible” home theater “I can get. In other words, this is a compromise, but it’s a very good one that most people are willing to make. If you have other Sonos speakers in your house, you can combine them all for a more complete 5.1.2 Atmos setup.

Best Home Theater Soundbar: Vizio Elevate

Finally, at the top end, go back to Vizio. Sonos Arc provides 3.0.2 sound on its own (or in 5.1.2, many optional add-ons are available), but Vizio takes advantage of the 5.1.4 channel Atmos for $ 1,000 each. I packed it in a package. I called it “step up” From other Atmos-enabled soundbars Its predecessor For me, Vizio offers one of the best home theater experiences you can get with a soundbar package. At $ 1,000, it’s as easy (if not more) expensive as setting up a real Atmos speaker, but it’s also convenient, space-saving, and attractive that more complex gear sets can’t handle. Design is provided. For renters who can’t install speakers on the ceiling, Vizio’s Elevate is for you. Or if you want to abandon the flashy rotating speakers and other latest features (such as eARC) Vizio’s old 5.1.4 model Still, it’s great with a little less money.

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