The best technological innovation in 2020

Technology continues to advance, bringing new experiences to players each year.

Whether these advances are new graphics cards that enhance the finest graphics or the hottest holiday gifts of the year, they are nominated for Best Technical Innovation in 2020.

The best technological innovation in 2020

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DualSense controller-tactile feedback

It’s been a rare year to talk long about an innovative new controller scheme, and it doesn’t mean the weirdness that Nintendo decided to implement. Ultimately we know the time, but so far, the PS5’s DualSense seems to offer a powerful set of truly next-generation improvements that can humbly revolutionize the sense of the game. is. Those who dive into Astro’s Playroom already know the joy of navigating games that actually use the touchpad in a convenient way, not to mention the exponentially wide array of tactile feedback experiences provided by the controller. ..

Combined with the skillful use of DualSense’s onboard microphones and speakers, the surface of the glass clinks and instantly electrifies, creating a whole new dimension. And already, with major titles like Call of Duty: Cold War, we see more ambitious integration of adaptive trigger technology with any feature of PS4 DualShock. We hope that the tactile joy of a controller with a “feel”, and anything that can change radically depending on the situation, will become a staple of the game. Dual Sense is in vain.

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Xbox Series X | S-Quick Resume

Other than the ultra-fast SSD drives on both new next-generation consoles, there’s nothing like Quick Resume to improve your quality of life on the Xbox Series X | S. It does exactly what it says: it allows you to resume exactly where you left off in about half a dozen of the games you recently played. Jumping from the end of the Gears Tactics campaign and switching directly to Forza Horizon 4 in the middle of a drive is a fun time-saving feature that Xbox owners don’t want to lose in future Xbox consoles. ..

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RTX3070-Affordable High-End GPU

It may seem a bit strange to call it innovative based on price, but that’s our feeling about Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card. PC graphics have reached an impressive level in recent years, with high-end cards pushing the boundaries of visual fidelity through 4K ray tracing gameplay. However, in the past, these high-end graphics cards have had high-end pricing as well. If you wanted to play in 4K at a significant frame rate, you needed the $ 1,200 RTX 2080 Ti.

Nvidia’s new RTX 30 series raises the ante with even more powerful GPUs, but surprisingly at a significantly lower price. Most impressive is the absolutely killer value of the RTX 3070. It offers the same performance as the $ 1,200 RTX 2080 Ti mentioned above for just $ 500. Finally, the finest high-end graphics are within the reach of midrange PC builders.

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Microsoft XCloud

While some game streaming services require you to buy a brand new game library or pay for those channels, Microsoft xCloud is a higher value service. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to take advantage of it, but it’s itself the best game deal in the world that gives you access to a collection of games you can play on your Xbox One (X). I feel like. Or Series X | S consoles and PCs. Almost all of this large game parade can be played from Android smartphones, and it’s easy to bring cloud save data to all different platforms. The service will only improve next year, and Microsoft has confirmed that xCloud and PC beta on iOS will be available in the spring of 2021.

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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

The AR technology that makes Mario Kart Live Home Circuit work is not a breakthrough in itself. It’s really impressive how well this works as a kart tracer. The communication between the cart and the Nintendo Switch is clear and there are few significant frame rate temporary interruptions or video issues. But most striking is that the game smoothly integrates the power-ups and mechanics of the iconic Mario Kart.

Drift is well represented on the screen, speeding up the actual cart and virtual banana peels prevent death on the truck. Kamek plunges and turns everything into mirror mode. Driving the reflections of my home was wonderfully confusing, and such clever gimmicks added Mario Kart’s magic to the mundane room.

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