The best third-party “Cyberpunk 2077” mods

Assuming you haven’t thrown your hand in the air Requested a refund for Duke Nuchem-It’s like a gaming experience Cyberpunk 2077, There are several mods available to address some issues. Suffice it to say, it’s more fun to play. At least until the developer CD Projeckt Red releases the first two, they will get over you. mea culpa It will be updated in the coming weeks, but it will still not create the game. So Cool as a mod that transforms that visual style into Borderlands..

Cyber ​​engine fine-tuning

As the author wrote, “This plugin fixes some Cyberpunk 2077 There is a problem and some features are added. This includes making AMD CPUs available to all cores in the game. This seems to be very important for overall performance. Completely remove pedestrians from the game. It also provides the option to disable asynchronous computing or antialiasing features in the game to improve the performance of older systems.

As always, I try mods to see if they help with setup and remove them if the framerate doesn’t go up measurable.

Better vehicle handling

Tired of how it feels to drive a car Cyberpunk 2077?? This small tweak in the .ini configuration file format can be useful. I don’t play a lot of games. Or, it’s not enough to get to the drive part, but if the mod author is right, anyone who enjoys motorcycles seems to want this. “For example, Kusanagi travels 150kmh without slipping and the next area when using the handbrake to turn a corner.”

There is also Drive it as you stole it-Vehicle Handling and Traffic Mod, If you need another option. Of course, don’t use both together. However, make sure which one is right for you.

Cyberpunk Autonomous Reshade-True HDR

If you need an HDR look and feel but aren’t playing the game HDR monitorPlease consider this mod. It’s probably best to actually show it, rather than explain it, so that you can determine how it wants your dystopian adventure to look like:

Please note that using this mod can reduce the frame rate. The price you pay for a slightly adjusted visual.


Yes Yes. This Reshade mod performs the same kind of visual tricks as the HDR mod above, adding a nice border to the elements in the game. very definite Borderlands feel.After playing Cyberpunk 2077 Often (still waiting for that official patch!) I use this in heartbeats.

JB-TPP MODWIP Third Person

If you prefer a third person look to a first person game, this mod will do the trick.It’s like you’re playing Skyrim Is that so again? To be honest, I’m not sure why more games are offering the option to switch modes by default. But go there: a mod that does this for you.

Better minimap

Two words: minimap. zoom. Again, I’m not sure why this wasn’t a feature that was just built into the game by default. It’s useful, it’s useful, and what does it all require two lines of code?

Arasaka Appearance Updater

How you get bored Cyberpunk 2077 Can you see the character? Give them a fresh new thing with this mod. No, this doesn’t make your character’s boobs or wieners bigger. I’m sorry.

Instant disassembly and craft

use Cyberpunk 2077s The craft system is a borderline Animal Forest With that boredom. I don’t think you have to wait for the built-in unnecessary UI mechanism. However To wait — in a single player game. Gear creation and disassembly is much faster with this mod. What is this level of delicious speed? all Developers need to consider how crafting mechanics can be incorporated into the game. (You are also Nintendo.)

Better control menu

If you can remap in the game A few It’s an important command, but not all, it’s frustrating. From personal taste to accessibility, there are many reasons why you need to fully customize your controls to suit your gaming experience. This mod allows you to reassign keyboard commands to all in-game features that you wouldn’t normally be allowed to touch.

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