The Best Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Despite the development of modern technology, joint diseases are still quite common among the elderly. Unfortunately, many people cannot receive quality and modern treatment in their native country due to the lack of necessary equipment and experienced physicians.

This is why many patients with knee arthritis prefer to undergo treatment in foreign hospitals. Due to the high level of medicine, the most popular countries today are Germany, India and South Korea. Here you can find the best treatment for knee arthritis which is not available in many countries yet.

Conservative treatment

Joint diseases significantly reduce patients’ quality of life due to decreased mobility, joint pain and inflammation. Besides, in the absence of effective treatment, symptoms can aggravate, causing significant pain and inability to move. To prevent development of complications, you can start treatment in a foreign hospital.

In hospitals abroad, doctors use up-to-date conservative therapy and surgical treatment. The treatment method is chosen individually for each patient, based on results of his examination, as well as on the opinion of the attending physician.

At the initial stages, when it is possible to save the joint, doctors use conservative therapy. It consists of anti-inflammatory medications that reduce joint inflammation and pain, as well as injections of hyaluronic acid into the joint to improve metabolic processes in it.

Surgical treatment

If the disease has progressed or is diagnosed at an advanced stage, doctors use surgical treatment. Today, there are several types of surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis, i.e. arthroscopic treatment and joint replacement surgery.

The essence of arthroscopy is that the procedure is minimally invasive, it is performed without damaging the soft tissues surrounding the joint. Arthroscope is introduced in the joint cavity through small punctures. This is a special device with surgical instruments and a video camera. With the help of an arthroscope a surgeon can remove joint growths, as well as inject medications into the joint. However, this procedure is less effective than joint replacement.

The most common treatment for knee arthritis today is knee replacement surgery. This method is one of the most effective ones. In contrast to arthroscopic operations, it fully restores the function of the joint, eliminates pain, and provides long-term results. Up-to-date joint prostheses can serve for more than 15 years.

Benefits of orthopedic surgery abroad

Many patients prefer to undergo therapy in foreign hospitals, because here they can find the most advanced technology, as well as an individual approach. In addition, orthopedic surgery in Germany has many advantages over treatment in other countries:

  • Whenever possible, your doctor will use minimally invasive surgery
  • The high level of medical development allows looking for an individual treatment that best meets the patient’s needs
  • The joints prostheses used for treatment in Germany are among the most reliable in the world, they have a service life of over 15 years
  • The vast experience of German doctors guarantees not only the best treatment for knee arthritis but also safety

How to undergo treatment abroad

Nowadays, receiving treatment abroad is easy enough. All you need to do is contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. With its help, treatment abroad is available even during the global lockdown due to the spreading of SARS-CoV-2. If necessary, you will receive assistance with documents preparation, as well as with issuing visas and booking accommodation.

To undergo treatment abroad, you will no longer have to look for a hospital by yourself, try to contact doctors, or look for an interpreter. All of this will be organized for you by the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

Additionally, by working with foreign hospitals directly, Booking Health arranges orthopedic surgery without extra fees for the foreigners, saving up to 50% of the initial cost of treatment. Thousands of people have already received treatment abroad with Booking Health and were satisfied. Don’t miss the chance and become one of them!

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