The best Ubisoft games you have never played are free on your PC only today

Starlink: Battle for Atlas was a latecomer to the toy-to-life genre, with the incredible misfortune of launching after the market for games such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity had already been depleted. Ubisoft has done what it can to mitigate it, such as releasing a digital-only version that doesn’t require toys. Currently, its digital version is free on your PC.

You can get Starlink: Battle for Atlas for free from this Ubisoft Connect client. The promotion is only available today (December 15th), but once you apply for the game, it will remain in your library forever. This is part of Ubisoft’s Happy Holidays promotion, offering free daily gifts to players until December 18.

This is the standard digital version of Starlink, which includes most of the ships, pilots, and weapons released in the first wave of toys. This means you can get a pile of content for free without having to replace small pieces of plastic. .. Well, the price of nothing is not bad.

All this preamble probably tells why Starlink didn’t take advantage of Splash at launch, but it’s solid enough to deepen the notion in a significant part of the usual blend of Ubisoft open-world and RPG games. It’s an arcade-like space shooter. An adventurous Saturday morning cartoon atmosphere. Worth a look.

If you are looking for more free PC games, you can follow the link.

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