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Grendel is a strange Warframe. He’s a slow tank, but he doesn’t do much damage.But he very It’s fun to play. Grendel was one of the new Warframes released in Update 26: Old Blood and wasn’t as popular as all non-metaframes. Does he have a place to participate in high-level missions like the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught? No. Is he fun to play anywhere on the chart? surely. Grendel has its own style of play, the ability to devour enemies, roll like shells, and knock on enemies.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of getting a Grendel and how to build a Grendel into a tank Warframe with a great ability duration.

How to get Grendel blueprints and components

All four main parts of Grendel (main blueprints, chassis, neurops, and systems) have different acquisition methods. Grendel’s main blueprints are available from the in-game market for 35,000 credits.

Missions that reward Grendel’s Component Blueprints have their own qualifiers, unlike regular missions. With the exception of Warframe’s Augment Mods, mods have no effect on Warframes and weapons. Operators and gear items cannot be used. In addition to these challenges, you will face enemies with levels around 40-45.

How to use a locator to unlock Europa’s Grendel mission in Warframe

The blueprint for Grendel’s components is obtained through certain Europa missions. First, you need to get a locator from the ArbitrationHonors vendor. Each locator costs 25 Vitrus Essence, giving you access to specific missions linked to it. Missions related to these locators are to be performed in squads, and only squad hosts need to have specific locators. Individual squad members do not have locators, but will eventually earn the same mission rewards.

The Grendel Neuroptics Locator gives you access to the Archaeo-freighter. This is a 20 minute survival mission at Europra. The Grendel System Locator provides access to the Kalisz mine. This is a basic excavation mission with a fairly difficult goal of 800 Cryotic. The Grendel Chassis Locator provides access to the Lida Icefield. This is a 15-wave defense mission. When you complete the mission, all locators you use will be consumed. You will need to purchase another locator to retry the mission.

Grendel Warframe playstyle and passive abilities

Grendel is reminiscent of Snorlax and Gazroad in the Pokemon world. He’s a slow tank Warframe, with gimmick abilities that can consume all enemies and store them for a while. There are two main things to play as Grendel. Rolling around as a cannonball to knock on the enemy, and consuming the enemy while maintaining the energy needed to maintain its abilities.

Grendel’s passive abilities allow him to gradually digest the enemies he has consumed with his feast abilities. While the enemy is digested in the belly, Grendel gains +50 armor unaffected by mods. The total bonus armor earned for this will be displayed in the HUD next to the Health Bar and Shield Bar.

Grendel’s main capabilities and how to optimize them

Ability 1-Feast: Grendel’s first ability allows him to consume enemies. These enemies are then slowly digested in his belly and can be exhaled by pressing and holding the ability button. Enemies ejected in this way are covered with toxic bile.

Grendel opens his mouth, vacuums, and swallows his enemies by inhaling them. This mechanic is affected by the ability range, and if an enemy loses armor, the armor consumed by Grendel is also affected by the ability strength.

Ability 2 – Nourish: This ability allows Grendel to take advantage of consumed enemies to provide teams with different types of buffs and circulate them. These buffs include energy, armor, and toxin damage buffs.

The radius and duration of this ability are affected by the range and duration of the ability, respectively.

Ability 3 – Reflux: Grendel can use regurgitation to violently release consumed enemies as projectiles. This is not the strongest ability, so it is not advisable to waste energy. Abilities are affected by the strength and range of abilities.

Ability 4 – Crush: This ability allows Grendel to curl up into a violently moving shell and knock around enemies in his path. This is a lot of fun to use, but controlling the ball is not the easiest thing to do, especially when climbing stairs and hills.

Grendel damages nearby enemies while moving. You can also slam down and do additional damage. When he does this, he slowly loses energy. This drain can be optimized by improving capacity efficiency and capacity duration.

Grendel’s Best Builds and Mods on Warframe

From the four abilities described above, we can conclude that Grendel will most benefit from the duration, strength, range, and efficiency of the abilities. The build used for Grendel is:

  • Steel Charge-for melee damage buffs
  • Umbral Vitality – To improve your health
  • Umbral Intensify – for better shatter damage and feast consumption
  • Umbral Fiber – for additional armor
  • Prime Flow-Manage multiple abilities at once
  • Primed Continuity – To prolong crushing
  • Adaptation-for extra tankiness
  • Overextended – additional scope
  • Hunter Adrenaline-Regains health because it’s always very close to the enemy

This turned out to be a great balanced build for Grendel. This allows Grendel to consume enemies efficiently, survive longer, and optimize energy usage when using crushing abilities.

Note at the end of the book

We hope that the Grendel Guide will help you understand his abilities and build better! He’s not the most meta-warframe, but it’s certainly one of the most fun frames to use. He is especially fun on long survival missions where you can find numerous enemies in a closed room. This makes it easier for Grendel to consume them and knock them with Pulverize.

The process of getting his parts can be very tedious. We recommend using Platinum instead to get Warframe directly from the in-game market. Good luck!

How to Get and Build Grendel in Warframe

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