The BF Portal Library is a great way to discover communities created in the Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042‘NS Portal The experience seems to keep the core players involved well after the main game loses its brilliance. However, this game does not do the best job of curating and displaying community-created mods.

However, the community has a solution. Out-of-game browsers not only make it easy to find different modes and experiences created by talented players, but also allow those creators to publish their work and publish it worldwide. ..

The BF portal library created by Reddit user Matavatar does just that. The site offers basic sorting options that allow you to filter your solo, co-op, or multiplayer experience. Up-and-coming mods can also use rulesets created by other authors.

The page contains a brief description of each experience, easily accessible portal code, and other important details. It also contains tags to help you understand their features at a glance.

This is a much better way to investigate what the portal community is doing and presents a broader experience than what the in-game menus display. This site is free to use and authors can get mods by simply submitting a form.

Even more impressive, the BF Portal Library also has a section of tutorials created by fellow community modders, covering some of the tricky aspects of the Rule Editor. In the future, Matavatar will add event functionality. This feature allows creators to hold mod test nights and work with players to improve mods.

Click the link above to see for yourself.

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