The Big Demon’s Souls patch is released without change logs, so players have put together a large list.

Sheriff Sayed, Tuesday, December 15, 2020 11:00 GMT

Demon’s Soul received a big update yesterday.

Demon’s Soul Remake developer Bluepoint announced the biggest patch for the game this week. Curiously, the update didn’t come with an official list of patch notes, as it comes in over 7.5GB.

Nonetheless, players have compiled an unofficial list of all they have found since the patch was released. Their findings may not be complete, but you can still see much better what was actually changed / corrected.

So far, many fixes have addressed exploits and glitches, including the Golden Coin glitch and the Ring of Magical Nature spell slot exploit. The patch also contains some other welcome fixes. For example, fixing duplicate text in player messages, making activity cards a little more useful, and fixing ping values ​​to actually reflect pings. Game server.

Here’s the list so far collated by Reddit user Lee Shaw Brown:

  • Activity cards for warping to Archstones now work correctly.
  • Message ratings are now displayed correctly and text and numbers are no longer duplicated.
  • The network setting “Intrusion Restriction” has been removed.
  • The correct delay (milliseconds) is now displayed in the network settings “Select Server”. The closest server should now show the lowest ping.
  • Optional[ヘルメットを表示]When is turned off, the UI helmet will display an eye icon with a new strikethrough.
  • Fixed a bug with Golden Coins.
  • The Ring of Magical Nature offers free spell slots by adjusting the equipped spells, adjusting the spells, and then removing them. This has been fixed.
  • The Ring of Longevity allows for a quick recovery of health when quickly equipped and removed. This has been fixed.
  • The number of damage seems to be limited to the total health of the enemy.
  • Several new DualSense sound effects added for the use of items such as consuming the soul of a warrior / hero.
  • Players can no longer break the standard progression.
  • As originally intended, you can now get the Great Sword Search not only from Scimitars, but also from curved swords.
  • Reloading the current area with an archstone will no longer change the menu selection to the farthest archstone in the world.
  • Old Monk PVP Encounters no longer require you to see cutscenes as an intruder every time.
  • It is no longer possible to use gender armor types by switching body types in statues.
  • Soul Sign now displays the player’s PSN name instead of the character name.
  • The host no longer receives souls from the defeated invading phantom.
  • Leveling during PvP no longer exists under any circumstances.
  • Black Eye Stone cannot use passwords to bypass level range restrictions.
  • Previously, when the HUD was dynamically set and the Ring of Regeneration was installed, the status bar did not disappear when the health was fully restored, but now it disappears correctly at maximum health.
  • As an invader, your character’s health bar will now correctly match the old monk’s health bar.
  • After working together, players now have extra time before returning to their world. This is enough for one or two celebrations, rather than instantly freezing and disappearing.
  • If you try to retrieve something from storage, the player will be notified that it cannot be retrieved when the item’s burden is exceeded. Previously, it gave no sign.
  • In World 3-1 the song of a former aristocratic wife is no longer suddenly interrupted when traveling the area. Players can hear her singing throughout the level.

We will update this story as official patch notes become available. Until then, there are plenty of guides to cover everything from the best starting classes, early, middle and late top weapons of the game to walkthroughs in various boss battles.

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Big Demon’s Souls patch is out with no change log, so players have been putting together a big list

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