The biggest mistake of the ultimate Erik Lensherr created an army of nanotech zombies

Ultimate Erik Lensherr’s abandoned Savage Land Citadel has created the ultimate version of Danger, who planned to dominate the world with nanotech zombies.

one of Erik LensherrThe biggest mistake was to almost stimulate the apocalypse brought about by the army of nanotech zombies.In Ultimate Marvel space, X Men Hundreds of special forces soldiers are sent to Savage Land to find out why they suddenly disappeared during a mission to plunder the remains of Erik Lensherr’s destroyed mutant Citadel. They found a plan to secretly mutate humanity in the rubble of this mutant shelter, replacing humanity with a fused army of techno-organic zombies better suited to life in the 21st century. It means that we are working on it.

In this parallel Marvel dimension that introduced readers to the world of modern characters that are not bound by years of continuity. Savage Land The citadel was the founding of the mutant utopia Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier. When Charles and Eric split due to ideological differences, Charles’ X-Men and the world became enemies of Erik Lensherr and his mutant hegemony brotherhood. The citadel was destroyed by a large-scale sentinel attack that killed many civilians, and was subsequently abandoned after Erik Lensherr’s attack on the United States was thwarted by the X-Men.To Ultimate X-Men # 22It was revealed that the US government sent soldiers to investigate and steal the ruins of the fortress, hoping to find unclaimed ones that could be reused or patented. When communications failed and 100 Special Forces soldiers went missing, Charles Xavier volunteered to send his X-Men team for investigation.

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To ultimate X-Men # 22-24 Mark Millar, Adam Kubert and Kaare Andrews forced Cyclops to travel with him. Romantic rival Wolverine And their unknown stowaway Kitty Pryde goes to Savage Land. Upon exploring the ruins, both mutants found some of the missing soldiers and transformed into nanotech zombies that did not attack as much as Adamantium’s claws or optical blasts. The mutants learned that these soldiers were only obeying orders, and their leaders were happy to reveal that they were supercomputers that once maintained the fortress.By this idea Xavier and Erik Lensherr Remaining abandoned after the Sentinel attack, motivated to evolve its “father”, gaining the ability to transform the corpse of a murdered mutant, and later an unwelcome soldier, into an army that helps rebuild itself. It’s strong enough to do. Almost completed, it announced a new goal of continuing to create new species that completely and quickly replace both humans and mutants.

This new techno mutant has some things in common. Astonishing X-MenDanger, artificial intelligence emerged from the X-Men’s danger chamber. Both were sophisticated AIs that evolved from programs created and used by mutants. However, Danger was kept secret by Charles Xavier So he could continue to train the X-Men, and when the danger was released, she took revenge on both Xavier and the mutants he valued more than her and her freedom. Other entities were created by Xavier and Erik Lensherr, but were forgotten when their sole purpose was abandoned where they were forced to evolve or die. After it created enough troops to rebuild itself, it had to brag about its progress and plans for global assimilation to a small audience of the people it served.

Pride of AI control machines seen in Ultimate X-Men When it was destroyed, it quickly led to its end Kitty Pryde accidentally stepped it forward.. X-Men will face Erik Lensherr Shortly thereafter, it is unlikely that mutant terrorists and supremacists would know how close his own mutation machine was to achieving his goal of destroying humanity.

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The biggest mistake of the ultimate Erik Lensherr created an army of nanotech zombies

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