The biggest video game disappointment in 2020

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Year of reviewYear of reviewLook back at the highs, lows, surprises, and outstandings of this year’s video games and their surroundings.

God, this year is the worst. Video games were supposed to be a liberation from it, and in many ways they were. But in other respects, they were as awkward, fateful, and broken as the year itself.

Some of the big video game disappointments in 2020 were minor setbacks and common discomfort. This can grow in other years, sexual intercourse is not so piled up, and in the worst case, it is completely harassed, abused and exploited. There, the term “disappointment” is almost conservative, except to accurately classify Slowburn’s perception that the long-term fears recently exposed are not dealt with as quickly and uncompromisingly as they should. I feel like.

2020 was a year when games became more mainstream than ever, as people paying attention to social distance and stay-at-home orders were obsessed with new releases in ways that weren’t possible otherwise. Still, the game didn’t stop filling up, big and small disappointments, trivial and serious.

Halo Infinite Be late

2020 was supposed to be that year Halo Infinite It finally came out.First new instead Hello In 5 years Slip in 2021, And along with it Microsoft’s only first party dedicated to next-generation consoles.Delays are better than releasing the game in a hurry, forcing developers to crunch in the process (although they can have more crunches), but dragging Halo Infinite The release date has passed. The game was detailed in Microsoft’s July showcase and was quickly panned by fans with its seemingly dull graphics and last-generation feel.The· Craig meme Was born and 343 Industries announced immediately Take into account negative feedback..Then in October the game Lost another of the director.. Earlier this month, the studio saidHoliday 2021 inch at the earliest. At least by that time, anyone who wants to get the next generation of Xbox will probably be able to find inventory.

Buying a next-generation console is shit

Increasing deaths, financial devastation, and daily complications from the ongoing covid-19 pandemic in 2020 A strange year trying to launch new hardwareBut the company did marshalling and did it anyway. The excitement of the new shiny box for playing the game could be a fun shift for some, but there were other plans for 2020. PS5 pre-order Chaotic gauntlet For navigating and for the Xbox Series X / S, despite the timing being clearly communicated in advance Did not get much better.. After a few months, consoles are still sold out almost everywhere, and future buyers are trying to secure themselves by fighting bots, scalpers, and archaic ordering systems. Next-generation consoles can run some games in 4K at 60 fps with minimal load times, but there’s no way to give money to the company instead of shipping one when it’s available. Maybe someday..Until then, have fun Glue to your Wario64 Twitter account and play checkout roulette At Best Buy and Walmart.

Cyberpunk 2077

Announced in 2012, re-announced in 2013, and scheduled to be announced earlier this year, three times late. Cyberpunk 2077 Is Kotaku Editor at Large Riley MacLeod put it With the impression of his first 30 hoursA mixed bag full of highs, lows, and lots of things in between. However, “Cyberpunk 2077” is also an abbreviation for more than the blockbuster SFRPG by the manufacturer. The witcher 3..This is a game that needs to properly perform the most demanding PC builds, yet Very buggy.. This is a game with a very bad console version. CDProjektRed hid them from the press before their release.It’s a game that was such a mess Sony has removed it from the PlayStation Store Microsoft and physical stores such as Best Buy and GameStop soon offered refunds by doing the same. Clip Cyberpunk 2077 Glitch It ’s very viral. But New York Times report Regarding the problematic launch of the game, we called the rollout “one of the most visible disasters in the history of video games.” This was before taking into account that the promise of CDPR employees not to rush the game and its shipment was broken. Edge Road Marketing Campaign Sometimes Complete transphobia trade-inNeither can be undone with future patches that fix the underlying game.

War with Nintendo fans

switch Continue to dominateEspecially in the tough years when people were stuck at home.Many have found immeasurable comfort and joy in Nintendo’s cold neighborhood Sims Animal Crossing: New Horizons..But there Nothing is cold About the company’s ongoing attitude towards some of its most enthusiastic fans. It remains very strict when it comes to its own fan games Ocarina of Timebase No link spin-off Created an 8 year very NSFW project called The secret story of peach..Even more surprising was Nintendo Shut down the whole Super Smash Bros. tournament About creating using a mod called “Slippi” Super Smash Bros. Proximity You can play competitively online.The company then followed up by canceling it Splatoon 2 Tournament live stream After the team types in a name like #FreeMelee..

Nintendo’s longtime watchers have become accustomed to this kind of thing, but the company seemed to really win in 2020.Earlier this year, Nintendo’s legal department paid tribute to the sale of a custom Joy-Con controller called Etikons. The late Youtuber Desmond “Etika” Amofah..The income from the sale went to JED Foundation For emotional health and suicide prevention. Nintendo has suspended the project with a cease and desist order, According to the author, Cptn_Alex, Joy-Con had the word “JoyCon Boyz” printed on it, making it a popular phrase on one of Etika’s viral videos.

The ugliness of the surroundings Last of us part 2

Stephen Totiro: Last of us part 2 It was not intended to be a comfortable experience. The focus on Ultra Violence was an effort to explore ideas about anger and revenge. Maybe. For some, it’s too scary.Good or bad if it was all the discourse around Last of us part 2 This year it is not on this list.

Instead, the PlayStation only was naturally scrutinized. Game development crunch culture As a result, people have low wages, burnout, or even worse, and few are empowered to improve it. And Attack on the creator of the game For the boldness of presenting a variety of casts and the weaponization of that story about villain crunches—Certain angry gamers— To justify their contempt for the game’s assumed politics. When did this get worse? Not long ago, but in general, for this game, it’s probably after an amazing pre-release leak of an important scene where the crowd was complaining about the content of the game.

And Overly restrictive review ban that is Last of us part 2 Reviewers will only talk about a small portion of the game a week before its release. It further distorted the debate about what the game was and wasn’t. There’s a lot of likes and dislikes about the content of the game, but most of the dramas around it were some ugly exhibits of some of the worst trends in game culture.

Ubisoft Absolute Confusion

Ash Parish: Ubisoft had a bad year. A Twitter thread touched on a wave of seemingly endless people moving forward to elaborate on them. Harassment and abuse In the hands of Ubisoft employees. Allegations range from inappropriate comments to assaults, but employees complain that HR and leadership know everything. Did nothing to stop it.. CEO Eve Gilmo apology I promised “everyone who was hurt” to take action against the villains.As a result, some people Dismissal Or Resign Including Chief Creative Officer Serge Haskoe.Ann Internal investigation When conducted company-wide, 25% of respondents reported that they witnessed or experienced fraud in person and one in five did not feel “fully respected or safe in the work environment.” Uhu.

But wait more!There was a time they left behind All female assassins so Assassin’s Creed Promotions (difficult to animate after becoming famous for women Gaffe.. ) Oh, and there were times when they had to do apology For representing in-game terrorist groups using the Black Lives Matter symbol Tom clancy Mobile Games — A time when Black Lives Matter was upset for social justice and the right not to be killed by police. That was good.

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