The binding force of Isaac’s final expansion is coming in March of this year

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of The Binding of Isaac, a monster roguelike that has released 1000 roguelikes. However, seven years after the major extension Rebirth and four years after Afterbirth added better mod support, Isaac gets one of the last major extensions to end the game.

The enhanced version, entitled “Repentance,” officially adopted much of the content from Isaac’s popular mod, Antibirth, released in 2016, with some of the developers behind Antibirth leading We’re working with developer Edmund McMillen to put together a game. According to McMillen, Repentance is a sequel-sized extension to the current game, similar to Rebirth to the original flash version of Isaac.

While many other villains followed McMillen’s awakening, the recent blockbuster Hades, The Binding of Isaac, is arguably the biggest game in the genre, with many streamers playing to this day. Given its pedigree and heritage, it’s still unclear if fans will accept the changes that repentance brings to the game, as previous expansions have sometimes proven to be controversial among the game’s fan base.

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