The BioShock movie was canned because the director wanted an R rating

Was the PG rated BioShock okay? (Photo: 2K Games via vapor)

Director Gore Verbinski explained why his BioShock film was canceled before it began filming.

Filming a video game that is canceled is nothing new. There are many of them that have been in production hell for years and may rarely see the light of day (eg Shadow Of The Colossus).

These projects may be canceled altogether, such as the 2007 BioShock adaptation. However, director Gore Verbinski raptured the film and provided some unusual insights into why it sank into the abyss.

Verbinski, whose previous film included the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films and Rango, said he talked to Collider about the history of the project and claimed that the main factor in the cancellation was the R rating. I made it clear.

R (Restricted) is the second highest age rating a movie can receive in the United States. This means that people under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult to watch a movie in the cinema. Mainstream movie companies always try to avoid adult-only NC-17 certificates in the United States, which gives them a rating of 15-18 in the United Kingdom.

Given that the original game was given a mature rating in the United States (suitable only for ages 17 and up) and 18 ratings here in the UK, including gussets, drug references, violence, and sexual themes. It makes sense to match the film adaptation tones.

But Verbinski believes this has helped Universal Studios succeed. “The first meeting at Universal on BioShock sat in the room and said,” Hi, this is a $ 200 million R-rated movie. ” And it was silent.

“I remember what my agent did” “Why did you say that?” So I like it. Why are you trying to kill a movie that you haven’t started yet? That’s before getting the script before anything else. I just want to clarify. And I think everyone in the studio was fine, yeah, okay, maybe. Wow, no.It’s big, we know [sic].. “

BioShock: The Collection (PS4)-Wet

The first recent games can be found at BioShock: The Collection (Pic: 2K Games).

Verbinski suggests that the studio was willing to spend so much money on R-rated films, and wasn’t positive about it until just before filming began.

“So when the movie was shut down, it was literally the conversation I had. The cruel honest conversation I was talking about, don’t buy the right, I just want you to clarify . This is 200 million, R rated [movie].. We were about to start shooting a $ 200 million R-rated movie, but they made a fuss.

“I think Watchmen had just come out just before that or something. So there was a bit, these movies need to be PG-13. If it costs that much, it’s PG-13. is needed.

The PG-13 rating is what fans are aware of, although lowering the age limit to 13 will make the movie more accessible to more viewers and more likely to make more money. I needed a lot. The game is toned down and you run the risk of becoming BioShock by name alone.

Whether or not the project will come back is a completely different story. A few years after these adaptations were notorious, ranging from average to terrible, they have recently become much more successful and have begun to gain popularity.

Both Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog are big hits at the box office, and the next Mortal Kombat restart will not only look strong, but will be as cruel as the game on which it is based. I am aiming. If that succeeds, perhaps some executive will rethink and give a green light to a mature BioShock movie.

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BioShock movie was canned because director wanted an R rating

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