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The C35, which remains true to its hot-selling territory, will be sold in Pakistan

realme recently debuted the first C-series smartphone of the year – realme C35 in Pakistan after great success in the European and South Asian markets. Realm C35 surged online pre-orders by selling out all inventory within the first five days. Today, the popular C-series with Glowing Silk Design, 50MP AI triple camera and 6.6-inch FHD display is about to dominate the offline market across Pakistan.

realme is an innovator in the field and is proud to dream of the impressive technology and creative design of its multiple series of phones. The latest entry into the budget-friendly C-series, Realm C35’s up-and-coming smartphone brand is inspired by one of the world’s oldest and richest materials, silk. Realme’s C-series has accumulated a legacy of providing realme’s technology democratization efforts to high-quality smartphones for consumers within budget. The Realm C35 is designed using Glowing Silk Design and emulates its properties through the design language in honor of the precious silk material.

Modeled on silk, the Realm C35 has a premium look and feel. Affordable handsets are intended to provide the luxury associated with silk fabrics. Its aesthetic is similar to a higher priced phone, clean, simple yet attractive. Silk was regarded as a symbol of wealth and status in ancient Chinese society. With Realm C35, you can look expensive without spending extravagance. Although not generally known, silk is one of the most powerful textiles on the planet, with incredible tensile strength and elasticity.

This influenced the durable design of the Realm C35. Tested rigorously by TÜV Rheinland, the Realm C35 is TÜV Rheinland’s highly reliable certified, capable of withstanding drops and scratches, proving its components to be reliable. The durability of silk also affected the long-lasting 5000mAh battery found in the Realm C35. Like silk, Realm C35 is smooth to the touch and sparkles in the light. The Realm C35 is ultra-thin, only 8.1mm thick, thinner than most competitors. It is a symbol of silk, which is a thin and smooth material. With a 16.7 cm (6.6 inch) FHD full screen that can provide resolutions up to 2408 x 1080, your smartphone display will have a smoother and smoother experience, with richer details.

Realm C35 helps to stand out from the crowd in the best possible way. Apart from all the eye-catching features already mentioned, the Realm C35 has a powerful 50MP AI triple camera to capture the best images while looking great. Silk’s history, which has been moved away from the world for value to be shared with the world at a later stage, reflects Realme’s long-standing commitment to democratizing technology, initially trapped in a more premium segment. I am. realme believes that luxury shouldn’t be hidden behind expensive price tags, and that luxury is a sensation that everyone deserves. With the Realm C35 now available across Pakistan for just PKR 32,999 /-you can get your own luxury at an affordable price.

The C35, which remains true to its hot-selling territory, will be sold in Pakistan The C35, which remains true to its hot-selling territory, will be sold in Pakistan

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