The candy quest begins with Sweet Witches on Xbox One and PS4.

But that doesn’t mean Halloween season, That doesn’t mean you have to play the scariest game on the market. On the contrary, a cute arcade platformer involving the most adorable witches could also fit the theme. Put on your magic hat and start your candy quest on Sweet Witches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

I was using a PC (vapor) Citrouille: For several years under the guise of Sweet Witches, the Sweet Witches experience has finally arrived on the console. When playing as the charming witch Pralines and Banir, you need to master powerful spells and trick your sleeves to navigate the single-screen platform level first. Unlike regular platformer games, there are no jump mechanics, but at least they have the ability to summon a magic ladder.

Whether you’re working on story mode alone or in local collaboration with friends, there are over 50 levels to complete in 5 or more unique worlds. The protagonist simply wants to cover these lands with flowers and eat candies, but there are dangers in their path, such as the choice of enemies and their enemies Anise and Regrisse. It’s not an easy task, it’s for sure. If you like the action of four players instead, Versus mode allows an additional companion to take on the role of an adversary.

Does the atmosphere of Sweet Witches’ old school platform suit your taste?If so, Sweet Witches is now Xbox store – And PS Store – Discounted price of £ 6.71. However, don’t take too long to make a purchase decision. It will return to the normal £ 8.39 cost in 10 days.

Game description:

Play as adorable witch pralines and banilles who can get the sweets they deserve, relying solely on magical ladders, unique abilities and power-ups! “Encourage all 50 or more levels of danger yourself or in collaboration with other players in 5 or more unique worlds. Does the party need to grow? No problem. Up to 4 players Challenge your target in a spectacular pair mode against two adversaries, Anise and Regrisse. “

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The quest for candy begins in Sweet Witches on Xbox One and PS4

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