The cast of the first part of the Game of Thrones show adds Matt Smith as Prince Targarien

Dragon house, HBO first Game of Thrones The spin-off series is taking shape. HBO cast Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Olivia Cooke (Ready player one), And Emma Darcy (Hannah) Starring in the first part series, network Announced on friday..

Based on George RR Martin Fire and blood, History of the House Targaryen, Dragon house She plans to follow the ancestors of Daenerys Targarien 300 years before she becomes one of Westeros’s largest movers and shakers. Smith, Cooke and D’Arcy join Paddy Considine (Outsider), Previously cast as King Vicelister Galien.

According to HBO, the Vicelis was “chosen by the Lord of Westeros as the successor to the former King Jehaeris Targarien in the Grand Council of Hallenhal. A warm, kind and decent man, Viserys inherited his grandfather’s legacy. I just want to take over, but good people don’t always make great kings. “It’s far from Viserys Targarian’s Viserys Targarian. Game of Thrones A TV series that was a pretty dangerous companion.

Smith will play Prince Demon Targarien, “the younger brother and heir to the throne,” according to HBO. “The demon, an incomparable warrior and dragon rider, has the true blood of a dragon, but every time Targarien is born, the gods are said to throw coins into the air.” Translation: He I’m not a good person.

Darcy plays Princess Renilla Targarien, the demon’s niece, the “firstborn son of the king.” Rhaenyra says, “Pure Valilia’s blood, she’s a dragon rider. Many would say that Renilla was born with everything … but she wasn’t born as a man.”

Cook is the first announced cast member to not play a member of the House Targaryen. Her character, Alicent High Tower, is the daughter of Otto High Tower, the hand of the king. According to HBO, Alicent is “the most beautiful woman in the seven kingdoms.” “She grew up in the Red Keep near the King and his innermost circle. She has both court elegance and keen political insight.”

If Dragon house Continue Fire and blood, These three characters will be the source — what else! — Politics, incest, and inheritance struggles involving grown-up men to seduce underage girls.The difference this time is: they all There is a dragon. HBO picked up Dragon house Order from straight to series of 10 episodes. The network has not yet announced a release window.

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