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The CDC ordered the US transport mask obligations to be wiped out as COVID-19 was furious by Reuters.

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Washington (Reuters)-The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) uses face masks in almost all forms of public transport late Friday as the country continues to report thousands of COVID-19 deaths daily. I issued a drastic order requesting.

Effective Monday at 11:59 pm (Tuesday 0459 GMT), all travelers wear face masks on plane, ship, train, subway, bus, taxi, rideshare and transportation hubs. is needed. Airports, bus and ferry terminals, train and subway stations, ports, etc.

On January 21, President Joe Biden “takes immediate action” on government agencies to demand masks on public transport, including airports, commercial aircraft, trains, ferries, intercity bus services, and all public transport. I ordered.

Under Donald Trump, who was president until January 20, the CDC push requiring masks in transit was blocked, and instead the agency issued only strong recommendations on the use of masks. Trump also rejected Congressional efforts to mandate the use of masks.

“Required masks for our transportation system protects Americans and gives them the confidence to travel safely again during this pandemic,” said CDC’s director of global migration and quarantine. The 11-page order signed by Marty Setron said.

Airline and most transit modes already require a mask, but the CDC’s order violates federal law by not wearing a mask, making it easier for flight attendants and others to enforce.

The US airline group told Biden this month that it had to keep “thousands of passengers” out of future flights because it did not comply with the airline’s mask policy.

The CDC said people who violated the order could face criminal penalties, but suggested that civil penalties were likely to occur if necessary. This order is enforced by the Transportation Security Administration and federal, state and local agencies.

According to the order, passengers are required to wear a mask during transportation, except for short periods such as eating, drinking or taking medicine. Masks are either manufactured or homemade.

The only exceptions are travelers under the age of two and travelers with certain medical conditions. Private car or single commercial truck drivers do not need to wear a mask.

US airlines have expressed concern this week about passengers’ demands to opt out of wearing masks for health reasons.

According to the CDC’s order, airlines and other modes of transportation require medical documents and consultation with a medical professional to board an airplane or other mode of transportation, as well as a COVID-19 test from passengers. Must be negative.

The CDC says it is “actively considering” requiring a negative COVID-19 test for domestic air travel after requiring a COVID-19 test for almost all international travel that goes into effect on January 26 this week. Stated. The outlook for domestic COVID-19 inspections is on Friday for airlines and other groups.

According to the CDC’s orders, airlines and other operators need to “take down those who refuse to comply, at a safer opportunity as soon as possible.”

Federal agencies must submit plans by Friday to enforce a separate Biden order requiring masks on all federal buildings and all federal lands.

According to a White House memo on January 24, domestic travel by federal officials “should be restricted to mission-critical travel only,” and federal office occupancy was “during high community penetration. Should be limited to 25%.

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The CDC ordered the US transport mask obligations to be wiped out as COVID-19 was furious by Reuters. The CDC ordered the US transport mask obligations to be wiped out as COVID-19 was furious by Reuters.

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