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State and Union Territory COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Chief Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba said on Saturday that there was no room for complacency, saying it would improve the situation, strengthen health infrastructure, stockpile essential medicines and increase talent. Gauba chairs the high-level conference and Covid management Saturday video conferencing response strategy.

At the meeting, Gauba said there was no room for complacency and emphasized the need for Covid to take appropriate action (CAB) rigorously.

Drawing on examples from other countries that witnessed multiple peaks of COVID-19, he expressed concern about the high test positives reported in certain pockets of the country.

He asks state health managers to provide a detailed analysis of Covid’s trajectory, strengthen health infrastructure, stockpile essential medicines, and recruit as soon as possible to respond to potential surges in cases. I advised.

Union Health Minister Rajesh Boushan highlighted the new challenges of serotype II dengue in 11 states associated with more cases and complications than other forms of illness.

He should take steps such as the state’s early detection of cases, the operation of fever helplines, the proper stockpiling of test kits, larval control agents and medicines, and the placement of quick response teams for expedited investigations. Proposed.

He also suggested the necessary public health activities such as fever research, contact tracing, vector control, and warnings to blood banks to maintain proper inventory of blood and blood components, especially platelets.

The state was also called on to launch an IEC campaign on helplines, vector control methods, reducing sources at home, and symptoms of dengue, the Federal Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Boushan informed the state / UT that 70 districts in 15 states were the cause of concern. This is because 34 of these districts have a positive rate of over 10% and 36 districts have a positive rate of 5-10%.

In light of the upcoming festival season, the Ministry of Health said the state was instructed to ensure all necessary precautions and effective enforcement to avoid mass gatherings and crowded confined spaces. ..

You must strictly follow existing guidelines for malls, local markets and places of worship. Countries were urged to undertake an effective IEC to promote Covid’s proper actions and Covid’s safe celebrations.

They were advised to closely monitor the trajectory of cases in all districts daily to identify early warning signals and ensure enforcement of restrictions and compliance with the CAB.

Five Covid containment strategies (testing, treatment, follow-up, vaccination, CAB compliance), enhanced testing to support early detection, and increased health infrastructure for the future (prioritizing rural and pediatric cases) ), Contact tracing, surveillance statements also re-emphasized containment measures and rigorous action, especially in clusters reporting higher cases.

It was also pointed out that urgent action is needed to enhance hospital infrastructure, oxygen availability, build buffer stocks for critical medicines, ambulance services, and implement IT systems / helplines / telemedicine services. I did.

The Minister of Health said the funds were released to all states / UT under the Emergency COVID-19 Response Package and should be used promptly and optimally.

The State’s Principal Secretary was urged to conduct a district-level review to ensure that the appropriate medical infrastructure and supply met the projected requirements was urgently mobilized.

In addition, private sector capabilities could be properly inventoried and deployed based on new requirements, the statement said.

To make every possible effort to avoid new surges, state officials ensure that Covid adheres to proper behavior, adheres to Covid-safe festivals, and concentrates on clusters reporting high cases. Focused on the implementation of strict containment and active surveillance, he was urged not to delay the imposition of restrictions. He said he increased the number of tests while maintaining the RT-PCR ratio and made rapid test runs of pressure swing adsorption plants, oxygen concentrators, concentrators and ventilators.

The ministry was also asked by the state to focus on regular reviews for the priority implementation of the Emergency COVID-19 Response Package-II to ensure readiness with ample time to open a school. Considering that few states have been infected, they will monitor infections that spread to children, analyze new evidence stating that they will monitor breakthrough infections after vaccination, and send sufficient samples for genomic sequencing. Monitor mutations, including accelerating the speed and range of vaccination

The ministry also said it advised the state and UT to take the necessary steps to prevent and manage dengue and other vector-borne diseases.

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