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Costa Mesa, CA-They say weapons are important. They hold your hand, hug people in hugs, push them away, and push them back.Many were worried for months, perhaps even a year Rashawn SlaterArm.

Rookie Tackle was the third team All Big Ten as a sophomore at Northwestern University and was an honorable mention as a junior, or he made a pre-season watchlist for the Outland Trophy and was the first in the pre-season. It didn’t matter that the team was all-big 10 years before his senior season. His 6-foot-4¼, 304-pound frame arm was shorter than usual. And he was asked about it-a lot.

“It definitely got messy.” Los Angeles Chargers‘The first draft topic said. “But after all, through a meeting with the coach, they knew that I was evaluating who I was as a technician and as a person, so I wasn’t too absorbed in it. . “

But others were. His arm was 33 inches. He was excellent on other relevant metrics-a 4.88 second 40 yard dash and 7.48 were struck with a cone drill while his hand was measuring 10½ inches. But they couldn’t get over the 33-inch arm.

Still, there were people who overlooked arm problems and realized that he was the most talented and aggressive lineman in the draft-even above that of Oregon. Penei SewellThe arm length was 33¼ inches and I raised my eyebrows. He was taken to Detroit on his seventh pick, thanks in part to the size of 6-5, 331 lbs.

The Chargers’ GM Tom Teresco has always wanted a slater and didn’t move an inch (intended for a pun) with the length of his (intended pun) arm.

In fact, Telesco has been wisely scouting Slater since he was a junior before opting out of the 2020 season for a coronavirus pandemic.

“He had a three-year game movie at Northwestern University,” Telesco said. “What do I tell you, [Northwestern coach] Pat Fitzgerald has a tremendous amount of work in the program. The culture they created there, the players born from it, are smart in football and they are tough. “

So, pencil the slater with the tackle on the left to meet one of the main needs of the Chargers in the off-season-protect the second year star quarterback. Justin Herbert..

Slater’s father, Reggie, was a small (6-7) power forward who played seven teams in the NBA for eight seasons and two more abroad. He taught Rashawn and his eldest son, RJ Slater (who played in the Air Force), footwork and basketball drills. This made them agile at their feet. This is a skill that also applies to soccer.

“My dad is amazing,” Rashawn said on his Pro Day in Northwestern. “Throughout my life, he has always been influential in the movement … he is definitely a grinder and everything I know about being able to fight over his work ethics and adversity. Taught me. “

When the pandemic broke out, Slater took a year off, opting out when Big Ten first decided to postpone the season this August, and then reversed that stance. But he wasn’t playing.

He works like a madman and is now lean and mean, he says. And he plans to take revenge on the Chargers practice ground.

“All my techniques are much more sophisticated,” Slater said. “My understanding of leverage and angle. My ability to change direction. It’s all just two steps.”

Brandon Staley, the new Chargers head coach, said:[Slater] It has excellent balance and body control. … he understands the angle, the structure of the front he is competing against. … he has the physique to play a position from an outstanding level. He comes from a great family … we are really excited about him. “

In addition to physical strength, Slater has the versatility needed to play every position on the attack line. And he fit the Chargers’ purpose.

“Our goal for this offseason was to be a line of scrimmage team, a bigger team and a more athletic team,” Starley said shortly after Slater was selected. “Surely we achieved that tonight.

“He’s just what we’re trying to build here in advance.”

Even if it is shorter than a normal arm.

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The Chargers feel that Rashawn Slater keeps the pass rusher at arm length-NFL Nation The Chargers feel that Rashawn Slater keeps the pass rusher at arm length-NFL Nation

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