The Chinese premiere of the Monster Hunter movie is reportedly canceled due to a racist joke

Paul WS Anderson’s Monster hunter The film has caused controversy in one of its major markets due to the presence of racist jokes.

The Chinese premiere of the movie is reportedly canceled due to a scene where one of the characters lingers “Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees-Look at these”. This rhyme is considered offensive to many in Asia.

The film will be screened in China on December 3rd and will be edited to remove problematic conversations. But the turmoil has arguably adversely affected the film’s position in the country, which is the largest market.

This is fallout Monster Hunter: World With over 1,000 negative reviews on Steam, Capcom has issued a statement clarifying that it is aware of the controversy but is not involved in the production of the film.

That raises the question-how was this line incorporated into the script in the first place and how did it become the final movie?

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