The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2 Review

Two years ago, Netflix mined unexpected gold on the simple premise that “Kurt Russell is Santa Claus.” The Christmas Chronicles, produced by Chris Columbus, was a huge hit for streamers. And now, the story continues Part 2 with Columbus actually returning to the director’s chair (especially the noisy sequel is full of action). High energy, and some real Santa folklore. In terms of quality, The Christmas Chronicles are more or less comparable to the first movie. Russell’s view of Santa is, as always, strangely fascinating. He’s certainly an atypical Santa, but his enthusiasm and moody warmth make him a harsh, embracing, supple, salty and pepper centonic. In addition, you can see him play the musical number again and develop a desperate and declining spirit (now with the help of singer Darlene Love).

This time around, a fun Easter egg from the end of the first movie in which Russell’s real-life partner Goldie Horn appeared as Mrs. Klaus (to mix the holiday metaphor) is as complete as the derby camp. Part of Kate Pierce and her anxious son, Kate’s mom’s seeker Jack (played by Jahzir Bruno), are taken to the village of Santa and join a brand new 11-hour crucifixion to save Christmas. Will join.

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Having acted modestly over the last few decades, Horn is perfect for festivals. The last time she acted with Russell outside the cameo at the first Christmas Chronicles was a 1987 overboard, so I’m looking forward to seeing them take on these roles on a sled. These Chronicle films are also a serious and affectionate adventure, and budgets are swelling to help them feel drunk (in the grand plan of Santa’s film).

One of the weirdest creative choices in Part 2 is that the mythical Belsnickel (Julian Dennison in Deadpool 2) is trying to thwart Christmas. Because he’s just a pain in his ass, he’s a bystander of Judaluis’s Teddy and Bruno’s Jack. Teddy’s location as Kate’s second. It was strange to see the brothers split this time, as the transformation of a teddy from a grinch to a good guy was the centerpiece of the first movie. However, Part 2 introduces Kate as someone who needs to adjust her attitude.

Formerly an effervescent “true believer,” Kate suffers in Part 2 after her father’s death due to major changes in family dynamics. Her mom (Kimberly Williams Paisley) is obsessed with Tyrese Gibson’s Bob, and the soon-to-be-blended family is spending vacations in the tropics for Christmas. Kate hates it all, but Teddy did well and took it one step as the least resistant of the two.Kate’s unruly mood leaves her vulnerable to Belsnickel’s sneaky tactics, and before you know it, he steals the light of Bethlehem and endangers the entire season of good cheers. I did. All you need for Christmas is sledding, time travel, gingerbread cookie grenades, and Kate accepting tweaks to the tradition to bring everything back in place. The movie is a bit long as it feels like it’s barreling towards the end along the way, but in the end it does the hilarious work of the holly.

Part 2 also delves into Centnick’s folklore more than expected. If you’re a nerdy nerd, Santa’s flashbacks to Turkish roots (leaving coins in people’s shoes) and Mrs. Klaus’s ability to bake sweets can even give the story a new glow. .. The idea is that they are actually healthy or that the Aurora Borealis acts as a kind of magical barrier that keeps Santa’s village away from the map. The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2 is carried primarily by Russell’s talented shoulders, as in the first movie, but with the addition of a horn to the mix, this sequel is satisfying outside of The Christmas Chronicles. That’s the reason.

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