The Croods: New Age Review

Being careful not to be killed, the Croods have returned to another vibrant, active, and tense adventure throughout prehistoric times. Stars Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Keener are all back on duty. The Croods: A New Age is sometimes reasonably interesting, but it breaks down a bit with the weight of the sequel to the animation. The result is a warm, fuzzy action-adventure with a little less heart and less touch than the original. Bridging the Croods gap over the last seven years since the 2013 original was the four-season Netflix series. , And the show utilized talented voice actors, but it’s great that Cage, Stone, Reynolds, Keener (and Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman) are back for proper movie follow-up. ..Not because of the value of their name (Reynolds stocks have It has risen significantly since the first Crude-san’s movie), but in reality everything is doing well with each other ping pong.

Cage enthusiasts are in perfect harmony with Stone’s squeaky delight, and Reynolds is generally just a gift for an action comedy. His voice work can easily carry the two “Mouth Merck” Deadpool movies he found, and lots of his best lines are delivered from under the full face mask. The compatibility between these particular actors is one of the reasons why the first movie flew so high.The DreamWorks Animation franchise is a huge business. From Shrek to Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, the company has created a solid saga for all ages. But creatively, the sequel tends to fade away. At the level of emotional betting, not on the action side.

The Croods: A New Age has a heart and some energetic new characters, but the story doesn’t resonate like the original. When it comes to children’s / family movies, colorful disasters and jokes are worth it, and you don’t have to worry too much about pop culture references at the moment, but the more installments you have, the more strain you feel on the studio. Find a way to keep these money-making characters.

When we finally left The Croods and Reynolds’ Guy, they were looking for a new place to call their hometown. In Guy’s terminology, the place is called “tomorrow,” and his deceased parents told him to look for him when he was just a boy. Conflict arises when Travel Pack actually finds Utopia and discovers that an isolated walled paradise is managed by Phil and Hope Betterman, spoken by Peter Dinklage and Leslie Mann. I will. This enlightened duo, who had known Guy since he was a kid, pulled the young man away from the Croods in his class, and like Guy and Stone’s Epe, his teenage daughter (Kelly Marie Tran voiced). I started trying to pair with (I put it out). We are in love with each other head-on and are planning a possible future together.As a concept, Croods are still good. New Age isn’t a bad time with multiplex (or 2020, couch), but it’s not completely better than or comparable to the sparks of the first movie. Cage is still explosive as an overprotective patriarch, and Stone continues to project stupid barbarians as a very cheeky and elastic eave, without danger (and reducing family intimacy). You have to wrap your head in a new life. The Reynolds guy is clearly still a fun fixture in the mix, and the addition of Dinklage and Mann is crazy well woven.

With the rampaging “Kangadiro” and looting land sharks, The Croods’ world is still worth visiting just for Blair and blunder. The story makes this go-around a little thinner, but as mentioned earlier, it’s only part of the machine.

The sequel to the movie that took forever


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