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Last generationLast generationLooking back on 2013-2020, the era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I already lamented Lack of actual technological progress in past console generationsNot all innovations in the PS4 / Xbox One era are related to visuals and frame rates. One of the quieter revelations and one of the most positive is the slow adoption of cross-platform games (also known as cross-play).

As long as video game consoles exist, they have long been assumed to be locked down.that is point.. You have purchased a closed ecosystem that is completely controlled by the platform owner. In return for that control, experience expected a certain level of consistency and quality.

That was also true for Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and later on the PlayStation and Xbox. But as multi-platform games became more common in the 21st century, or at least in multi-platform games with similar design and performance, that assumption began to look a bit erratic.If i’m playing FIFA On my playstation, and my friends are playing FIFA on his Xbox, and they’re basically the same game, why can’t we play against each other?

Of course, the first defense was free Because.. PlayStation gamers can play against PlayStation gamers, and Xbox people can play against Xbox people, but they never meet. It was always the case, so it was hard to change and both had their own multiplayer networks …

This past console generation, it has changed. Microsoft has finally awakened to the possibility of releasing games on both Xbox and PC, and has found ways for players to play against each other between these two platforms in games such as: Killer instinct And Gears 4..

On the other hand, Sony was investigating the relationship between consoles and PC games as follows. FINAL FANTASY XIV, And earlier, it worked with Valve to run Steam on the PlayStation 3. What seemed to be a monument at that time But it didn’t really go anywhere in the end.

Something like this worked! And if it works there … maybe it works everywhere.And after the quiet years of this past console generation, little progress has been made in turning cross-play into. ThingIn 2016, Microsoft started taking things a little more seriously.

Microsoft has taken the first step Rocket league Work cross-play, then Mine CraftIn both cases, Nintendo opened the switch in 2017, allowing gamers to play and play against each other on Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

And where was Sony? First, drag your heels. By June 2018 The PlayStation cross-play situation was bad enough to write a blog., But the pressure from fans-and some of the new importance of some of the world’s biggest games are cross-platform titles such as: Fortnite— Eventually forced the company’s hand, Sony forgave in September 2018, Allow cross-play on PS5 to “select third party content”..

It was only two years ago, and there is still a long way to go to reach the ultimate cross-play goal. It’s about playing the multi-platform games you need on the systems you need, at least for fans. But now with all three console platform holders in addition to Microsoft’s PC efforts and Epic’s cross-platform tools, the ultimate goal is what we can actually see and dream about. I feel like I’m not just there.

What I like about this progress is that it’s more than just technology. Sure, running a game on a console that’s completely different in terms of code and network requires a lot of work behind the curtain, but the first confident step in cross-play also requires diplomacy. There is a rival platform holder that is not an effort that usually comes to mind when thinking.

The console generation has long been associated with consoles warSo putting all three companies together in this way could be one of the greatest achievements of past generations. We hope that efforts will continue throughout the PS5 / XBX era, and in a few years we will all be playing. Fate And FIFA Together, regardless of the box sitting under our TV.

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