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The currently predominant variant of Omicron is causing a surge in COVID cases across the United States By Reuters

© Reuters. File Photo: New York Police Department (NYPD) members before the holiday decoration on 6th Avenue on December 19, 2021, as a variant of the Omicron coronavirus continues to prevail in Manhattan, New York City, USA. I wear a face mask when I stand. RE


Maria Caspani and Gabriella Bolter

New York (Reuters)-COVID-19 incidents surged in New York City and the United States over the weekend, smashing expectations for a more regular vacation season, resurrecting restrictions, and national test infrastructure prior to vacation trips and rallies. Has been expanded.

The rapidly spreading Omicron variant of the coronavirus dominated in the United States at lightning speed, killing an unvaccinated man in Texas on Monday, officials said.

The surge in COVID-19 cases warns public health officials who are afraid of an outbreak of infection after Christmas and the New Year holidays.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Omicron variants account for 73% of US coronavirus infections, based on sequence data for the week ending Saturday.

According to the World Health Organization, cases of COVID-19 have doubled in one and a half to three days in areas with community infections due to the epidemic of new variants.

COVID-19 test lines wrapped the block over the weekend in New York, Washington, and other US cities as people shouted to find out if people were infected before celebrating their family vacation. ..

“I just want to make sure I’m negative before I meet my wife’s 70-year-old mom,” said David Jochnowitz while waiting for an examination in Washington.

Due to the surge in infectious diseases, on Monday, Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, reinstated the obligation to use indoor masks until the end of January and demanded vaccinations, including booster shots, from civil servants.

“I think we’re all tired of it,” Bowser told reporters. “I’m sick of it too, but we have to deal with what’s happening in our city and what’s happening in our country.”

In New York City, the rapid spread of Omicron variants to the northeastern United States resulted in a 60% increase in COVID-19 cases during the week ending Sunday. New York has set a record for the newest cases reported in one day since the pandemic began for three consecutive days.

“This is a prediction of what the rest of the country will see soon, and because New York City is highly vaccinated, other parts of the country in under-vaccinated cities and states. Is the minimum experience that will be experienced, “said Executive Director Georges Benjamin. Of the American Public Health Association.

Many Broadway productions have canceled performance due to infections with the cast and crew. Production of the popular “Hamilton” on Monday has been postponed until after Christmas due to a groundbreaking COVID-19 infection.

Breakthrough infections are increasing among 61% of the country’s fully vaccinated population, including 30% who received booster shots.

Omicron appears to be causing mild symptoms in vaccinated populations, and health experts are optimistic that this wave may not cause the same surge in hospitalizations and deaths as in previous surges. I am.

Nonetheless, a man in his 50s from eastern Harris County, Texas, who had not been vaccinated, died of an infection with a variant of Omicron on Monday, Judge Lina Hidalgo said on Twitter. Posted in NYSE :). The county where Houston is located was also the site of the first recorded incident in Omicron, USA on December 6.

The man was the first local dead from a subspecies, Hidalgo said.

“Stay-at-home order”

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said on Monday that new COVID-19 cases had “rapidly increased” but hospitalizations did not increase at the same rate. He acknowledged vaccinations and booster shots that help prevent severe illness and argued that more was needed to build a “revetment” for the variant.

Due to the Omicron epidemic, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, requested all students, faculty, and staff to take COVID-19 booster shots for the upcoming spring semester on Monday.

Nationally, the number of cases has increased by 9% in the past week, but has increased by 57% since the beginning of December, according to Reuters aggregates. Hospitalized COVID-19 patients increased by 26% this month, and hospitals in some regions are already tense due to the delta mutation.

According to viral DNA sequencing collected by the CDC during the week ending Saturday, Omicron variants were predominant in areas including parts of the northeast, southeast, and northwest.

This is a sharp increase from the previous week when the virus accounted for about 3% of sequenced cases.

Midwestern hospitals were dealing with a surge in patients due to delta waves this fall. According to Reuters, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio have the most hospitalized COVIDs in the United States.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters on Monday that the average daily inspection rate was more than double that of three weeks ago, averaging 130,000.

De Blasio and the White House confirm that due to the demand for inspections that exceed capacity, they are discussing ways to increase the availability of inspections and provide the city with the other resources needed to cope with the COVID-19 surge. Did.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden will give a speech on Tuesday on how to deal with the Omicron variety. According to the White House, the president tested negative for COVID-19 after mid-sized White House staff, who spent about 30 minutes near Biden on Friday, tested positive on Monday morning.

New York Governor Kathy Hokul said on Monday that he would step up the state’s testing program, with one million kits arriving this week and the same amount each for the next two weeks.

“This will make more and more people positive,” she said. For those who do, she advised: Please do not go to work. Please do not go to see your family. “

Omicron’s arrival is a headwind for New York’s economic recovery, which is already lagging behind other parts of the country, especially when employment is a concern.

The pandemic has caused even greater physical damage to cities than the rest of the country due to the significant role played by tourism, leisure and hospitality, which were the worst victims of blockades and travel restrictions. The unemployment rate in New York reached its highest level at 20% in the spring of 2020. This is more than 5 percent above the US average and still 9 percent, more than double the national average.

The currently predominant variant of Omicron is causing a surge in COVID cases across the United States By Reuters The currently predominant variant of Omicron is causing a surge in COVID cases across the United States By Reuters

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