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The daily death toll has returned to 4,000.New infections stay above Rs 30,000

India’s daily death toll from coronavirus returns to more than 4,000 after a day’s blip as deadly pathogens spread at an aggressive pace in the face of a lack of critical medical infrastructure and vaccines , The world’s fastest growing outbreak is causing concern. Derailment The country’s up-and-coming economic recovery.

India has reported 40,77 casualties in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll in the world’s second most infected country to Rs 27,000, according to the latest information from the Ministry of Health at 8:00 am on May 16. Reached.

The new Covid-19 infection remained above 3 easy per week, with a total of 2.47 chlores.That’s less than the 40,000 rupees of fresh infection reported until last week, but India is still Add more Since the beginning of the pandemic, cases of coronavirus have occurred in one day more than in any country.

The daily recovery outweighed the new infections for the third consecutive day. As a result, active cases, which account for nearly 15% of the total case load, remained below Rs. 370,000 for the second consecutive day. South Asian countries with a population of Rs 13 billion lag behind the United States in the number of confirmed infections.

Key number:

  • Total number of confirmed cases: 2,46,84,077

  • Total number of active cases: 36,18,458

  • Total number of patients cured / discharged / moved: 2,07,95,335

  • Total deaths: 2,70,284

  • Fresh cases in the last 24 hours: 3,11,170

  • 1 day recovery: 3,62,437

  • 1 day death: 4,077

Indeed, data on deaths associated with Covid-19 cases are seriously scarce as some states are responsible for under-testing, chronic underreporting, and casualties from other causes. It may be.

Among the states witnessing a massive surge in incidents, Maharashtra has extended its current strict limits, with those entering the state issuing a negative RT-PCR test report until 7 am on June 1. Added some additional restrictions such as having to carry, 2021.

Delhi also extended the blockade for a week until May 17. Metro service is suspended during this period. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will also be closed for two weeks from May 10th, and West Bengal will be closed from May 16th to 30th.

Meanwhile, India immunizes a total of Rs 1.82 billion people. The country has widened the gap between the two doses of Covishield, an Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured in the country by the Serum Institute.

Guidance comes to the state when the central government’s vaccine supply is depleted Prioritize the second dose For people over 45 years old by stopping vaccination of people 18-44 years old.

Based on actual evidence available, especially from the United Kingdom, the Covid-19 Working Group has agreed to increase the dosing interval between two doses of Covishield to 12-16 weeks, the Ministry of Health said. However, changing the Covaxin interval has not been proposed.

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Global update

Globally, coronavirus cases have exceeded Rs 1.62 billion and have killed more than Rs 336,000.

  • Singapore plans to vaccinate children under the age of 16 after a recent increase in Covid-19 infection among students in the island states.

  • Brazil is fighting an outbreak partially caused by a variant of the virus, but will limit flights from India, the United Kingdom and South Africa to avoid the spread of the first strain found in India.

  • The UK aims to double the pace of vaccination and hit one million shots a day. This is to counter the rapid spread of the first viral variants found in India.

  • Overall infectious diseases in the United States continued to decline to the lowest levels since early fall.

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The daily death toll has returned to 4,000.New infections stay above Rs 30,000 The daily death toll has returned to 4,000.New infections stay above Rs 30,000

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