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Arlington, Texas- Dallas Cowboys They were a broken team when they returned home from Baltimore early in the morning of December 9th.

they were Spent emotionally from a sudden death On November 25th, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Marcus Paul 34-17 loss To Baltimore Ravens, 6th defeat in 7 games.

At 3-9, their season was overlooked from every possible angle. Tanking became a hot topic.High first round 2021 NFL draft The pick seemed certain.

No one could stop their defense. Their attacks scored more than 17 points each time in the span of the seven games. Their special team made many mistakes in untimely decisions.


Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said, “It looks quite different than it was two months ago.”

Nearly two months ago, the Cowboys lost, actually on November 1st. 23-9 To Philadelphia Eagles, With newcomers Ben Dinucci I can’t get a touchdown in quarterback.

On Sunday, they defeated the Eagles 37-17 At AT & T Stadium Andy dalton Throw 3 touchdown passes.It was their third consecutive win, placing them to make the playoffs and a 6-9 record entering the season finale. New York Giants (5-10).

play off? Are you talking about the playoffs?

After losing to Ravens in the 13th week, the Cowboys had a 0.9% chance of playing off. ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI)..

After winning Cincinnati Bengals On December 13, that percentage dropped to 0.8%.

Victory against San Francisco 49ers Raising those chances to 4%, ESPN still predicts qualifying chances of 16%.

To do something unthinkableCowboys need to defeat Giants and defeat Eagles (4-10-1) Washington football team (6-9) Next week. If that happens, a 7-9 record will beat the Cowboys’ NFC East and host a wildcard playoff game in McCarthy’s first season.

“It’s back behind your heart, but that’s what you really never know,” said the Cowboys wide receiver. Michael Gallup Said. “It was hard to get there for a while. Many people didn’t really think about it. [playoffs].. We didn’t think it exactly. You’re still going to practice and play for it, but you didn’t think it exactly. So I think that’s the best way to do it. “

But how did the Cowboys get here and what does that mean for the Giants match on Sunday?

They followed two beliefs that they would win football.

Protect the ball

Just as McCarthy was frustrated about his first season with the Cowboys, it was the Cowboys turnover that made him most angry. In Green Bay, his team rarely offered games by interception or lost fumble. In 11 of the first 12 games, the Cowboys recorded sales at least once.Run back Ezekiel Elliott Lost 5 fumbles. Dalton made at least one passcut on each of the first five starts.



Andy Dalton found CeeDee Lamb past the defense for a 52-yard touchdown.

In three consecutive wins, the Cowboys have one turnover, Dalton’s interception when the Cowboys wide receiver passes the seam down. CeeDee Lamb Against the Eagles.

“It’s huge,” McCarthy said of the sales margin. “This is the biggest statistical factor in our success. I’ve always felt that way. It’s going in the right direction.”

Steal the ball

Don’t pretend that the Cowboys have fixed the defense issue. They have allowed more points (450) than any other point in the history of the franchise this season. They participated in the Philadelphia game, allowing the second fastest yard of the season (2,265) and allowing the Eagles to hurry 151 yards.

To allow the hurryest yard in the team’s history, it needs to collapse completely against the Giants. In 2000, 2,636 yards were granted.

But what the Cowboys did a better job was to generate sales. In the last three games, the Cowboys have taken out 10 times, recovered 6 fumbles, and intercepted 4 passes. It was in 2014 that the Dallas defense forced at least three turnovers in three consecutive games.

“The guys are playing,” said Defensive End. Randy GregoryHad 1.5 sack, 6 tackle, 3 forced fumble, 2 quarterback harry, and Sunday pass bias. “Everyone is stepping up. It’s not that we don’t have that ability. It’s always there.”

The Cowboys constantly said that everything was in front of them as defeats piled up throughout the season. It didn’t feel as hollow as it was after Baltimore’s defeat, but it remained true because of the pitiful form of the rest of the division.

They stuck to that hope.

“If you give up five or six weeks ago, you shouldn’t give up … we don’t want you to be on the sidelines,” Elliott said. “We are competitors. We are a team of competitors. It means we were not out of it.”

And now they are almost in it. Mostly.

It’s hard to do all this work and lose to the Giants. It would be even worse if Washington lost to the Eagles and won the division despite a 6-10 record.

“It’s been a long season and we certainly had to overcome the tough stretches of the season,” Dalton said. “After all, you want to play the best ball in December, which is in January. To us, we seem to be doing it now.”

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The Dallas Cowboys found their formula when the playoff chances fell below 1%-NFL Nation The Dallas Cowboys found their formula when the playoff chances fell below 1%-NFL Nation

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