The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes Review: Almost Fun Horror Game

I have a real soft spot in Supermassive Games. Until dawn A deliberately shrocky teen slasher horror movie made into an interactive adventure game, at least two-thirds of its run time was great. I felt the same with their recent project, The Dark Pictures Anthology. Medan man In 2019. Every time a new article comes out, I believe it’s a good shot-since each has made me doubt the “know” part of Until Dawn’s interpretation. Latest entry, Ash houseIs the closest ever to regain Until Dawn’s Daft Thrill, and the classic survival horror setup is half the descent and half the aliens.

The five playable protagonists you fly around are trapped in deeper caves, and deeper, ancient Sumerian temples leading into ancient ruins. Caving turducken. But instead of tasty stuffing, the surprise of these layers is a race of vampire monsters whose vision is sound-based and whose spit is LSD. Your job is to revive your villain, and the main problem is that the villain in question-not the teens’ bus roads on the excursion went wrong-weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003. It’s a small team of US Marines looking for weapons. Wow!

You start with a pretty big cast, but it gets scraped quickly. Your core group includes Rachael King (Ashley Tisdale, designated as the most famous actor in this entry) and her husband Eric (Alex Gravenstein) in his flashy aviator and satellite imagery. A WMD silo that includes a CIA agent who was in command of the team until it identified what it was. Then I had sex with Rachel and sad things with Marine Corps leader Jason Corcheck (Paul Jinno), who has “intolerance” as one of his dominant features at the start of the game. There is a Marine, Nick Kay (Mo Judy Lamour), who shoots civilians at checkpoints (the characteristics of these characters are important to the story in this order). Finally, there is an Iraqi military officer, Salim Osman (Nick Taraby). “It” means “basically everything”.

Exploring a miserable tunnel reveals that you were not the first to be trapped in the tunnel. Archaeological bargains were put up for sale here decades ago, but none of them worked. Still, they left a diary and other note fragments fairly thoughtfully to give you some context, and dried the corpse and dynamite. However, these are more than just standard commentary dumps. It’s worth digging into everything here in case you miss any useful information (or big metal stakes) later. It’s nice to see these add up over time.

I can not stand it
Your choices are summed up, but the most important ones will change your “bearings”, i.e. set you on the course to something else that may not happen otherwise. The game tracks them for you, and they can bring something out of your control-even unexpected death.

As is now standard in the Supermassive catalog, these exploration sections are divided by movie set pieces full of quick time events. QTE has four flavors. Familiar “press X to not die”, similarly solid “press button to grab / press / escape”, Dark Pictures’ innovative “press button in time for heat beat” to hold your nerves , And a more exotic “move and shoot aiming reticle” variant. In most cases, these turned out to be easy hits. Catastrophes often result from timed binary selections made during conversations or action sequences. These accumulate and produce dynamics between characters and the final result. When you play as Rachel, do you come back for Eric or withdraw? Do you have an antique machine gun to cover Jason? As Salim, are you friendly to Nick and others?

House Of Ashes has a theme, which is very clear. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” The character says it out loud several times, and when the same person plays both parts of the discussion, it’s a very funny conceit. The amount of conflict between these two sides (that is, four Americans and one very tired Iraqi soldier just wants to go home) is almost entirely determined by you. It is also treated in a superficial way, as expected: Red Team vs Blue Team. Jason is wearing a hat saying “I remember 9/11”, squeezing the Americans killing civilians a bit, but two rivals of the paintball team or the reenactor of the shield knot. It could have been a team. Both were much more interesting and would have been intentionally interesting.

As you explore, you may find places where you can climb clearly and escape without help.

That said, I really liked Jason and Salim as characters. The interpersonal conflict they had to play was pretty ridiculous in the end, but they are the most capable and high-level characters in the whole situation, and Jason is a particularly charismatic dickhead ( And that would be the case if you took him to the right) direction, revealing the hidden, loser pothead depth). Salim is given a short savings in comparison, but their comedy duo are about who is inserting what into whom, and what emotions are associated with the act of the other three. It certainly gets more attention than the minor adolescent soap opera.

House Of Ashes, like all The Dark Pictures Anthology games, suffers from scripted parts along with interactive bits. In my playthrough, I know that Eric is cheating after Eric says he wants to come back with Rachel, as the lines are mysteriously drawn from the results of his previous dilog selection. After saying that, I cut the climbing rope and knocked it down, and then his knees were “NOOOOOooooooo!” Because she fell down. I’m not saying that this series of events wasn’t interesting if Eric wore a Letterman jacket at the age of 18, but if so, all the soap opera seem to be more deliberate and thematically consistent. Would have looked like.

This is a visual metaphor

It’s frustrating because as its most fun House Of Ashes shows, these games can do ridiculous things really well. By using a huge old mounted machine gun, there is a result called Chekhov’s gun. Background music has almost no bleeping sound, like alien motion censorship, when a vampire attack is imminent. There is a large gusset cave that is almost unexplained, as it is there so that you can chase after high blood pressure in the lower back. This is all great!But when Supermassive tries it doesn’t work serious.. At the beginning of the game, Marines attacked the farmhouse, and it was found that the farmer also had a comical amount of heroin under the floorboard (this will never be mentioned again), and you shoot to escape. You can choose whether or not to drag the farmer behind. If not, Salim thinks you’re okay. After all, the best way to play a game is to not do “intolerance”, so you can guess that doing “intolerance” is bad. But I’m not sure if that’s a recommendation.

The political commentary on the thin layers of the House Of Ashes organization most often helps to thwart a decent horror rampage. There are real monsters! A long iron thrown at head height! Flashback to the past with an eerie old English voice! A cool combination of knife and flare battles! mushroom! For God, stop trying to say anything meaningful beyond “the members of your group being bitten are unreliable.” House Of Ashes has taken a solid step in the right direction compared to other Dark Pictures Anthology games by returning to the stupid 2000s survival horror. But what was really needed was a cast of two cheering squads from different schools on their way to the countryside when they fell into the vampire’s nest. I’m sure they all can come up with another way to have a huge gun.

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