The Day of the Dead event for humanity has been extended after players have reported loss of progress

historic 4X games Mankind is hosting a seasonal event this month, but is running into some problems. Players have reported that the progress of various challenges has been lost in the limited-time event of Humanity’s Diadelos Muertos. This led to frustration as we approached the planned conclusions. Amplitude has announced that a fix will be made along the way to extend the event to December to give players more time to finish.

Dia de los Muertos will run until December 21st, rather than ending November 30th today. Amplitude says The issue that caused the event challenge to lose progress has been resolved, but is not ready to deploy a fix until mid-December.

Many players reported losing progress in the Civil Evolution and Necropolis challenges, while others were able to complete all challenges and unlock the new avatar preset Catrina, but they couldn’t use it. Said that. Fortunately, Amplitude states that it will reward everyone who has made progress in any of the challenges before the next patch.

The studio states that some of the challenge tracking data has been lost and the fix cannot be retroactively applied. However, once the patch is released, normal challenge tracking will resume. However, it only takes about a week and will be changed to pass the patch at that point.

As mentioned above, anyone who has made partial progress in any of the challenges before the arrival of the patch will be rewarded with Dia de los Muertos, so now is a good time to stop by the game of humanity.

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