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The deadline for certain worker permit holders with jab reservations has been extended

The Victorian Transport Association has informed Freight Victoria and its relevant ministers in writing to request a two-week extension of the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination deadline for cargo drivers entering Victoria.

This is to provide a more realistic schedule for arranging vaccinations and to request practical assistance in delivering the vaccine to the place where the driver is working.

“Many operators have stated the authenticity of the unacceptably strict September 23 deadline set by the Victoria State Government to give designated worker (multiple entry) license holders the first COVID-19 vaccination. I am keenly aware of the concerns that I can understand, “said Peter Anderson of VTACEO. ..

“If this week’s discussions show that the government has revised its vaccination obligations and can show evidence that drivers have booked vaccinations for their first vaccination by Thursday, October 7, 11:59 pm. You are now allowed to enter Victoria using a designated worker (multiple entry) permit.

“Drivers who have not been vaccinated for the first time by 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 7 or have not booked their first jab will enter Victoria from 11:59 pm on Thursday, September 23. can not.”

There are many other issues that the VTA is seeking clarification from the Victoria State Government. Includes: Which authorities will accept the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine reservation as acceptable evidence? Whether vaccination hubs will be implemented at truck stops and elsewhere visited by drivers. Whether the restrictions on drivers who visit the red or orange zone to visit a medical center for vaccination will be lifted. And whether the COVID-19 testing concessions can be mitigated for fully vaccinated drivers.

“Until we receive specific answers from the Victoria State Government on these important issues, we recommend that drivers carry documents from vaccine providers, such as vaccination cards that they may have received after appointment. “Anderson said. “Drivers who have booked vaccinations must carry a booking document, such as confirming the booking by paper or text message.”

Freight workers with a Specified Worker (Multiple Entry) Permit can receive priority reservations for COVID vaccination and must call 1800 675 398 to make a reservation at the state vaccination center.

“Despite the concessions of drivers who booked COVID-19 vaccination, we will continue to promote a full two-week extension of the September 23 deadline. The two-week notice provided is for drivers. Keep in mind that they do not admit the real difficulties they faced in getting vaccinated in time.

“We also thank some drivers for choosing not to be vaccinated and for these people facing difficult and life-changing decisions about whether to continue working in their chosen profession.” Said Anderson. “At this point, it’s worth the support.”

The deadline for certain worker permit holders with jab reservations has been extended The deadline for certain worker permit holders with jab reservations has been extended

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