The death of each character represents one of four elements

Ari Aster folk horror movie Midsummer It is filled with a lot of vague symbolism, to the point that the death of a major character has a special elemental significance.One theory about death Especially midsummer The death of each side character suggests that it represents four elements: soil, fire, water, and air. Dani Arder (Florence Pugh) And her relationship with Christian (Jack Reynor) is the main focus of the film, their friends, and the people they meet. Swedish midsummer festival It’s just as important for those frameworks. Their death is intended to symbolize a deeper connection to the Earth for the Kharga sect, a religious and cultural practice that is somewhat ingrained in pagan beliefs.

in recent years, Folk horror is becoming more and more popular As a genre, it has evolved into a mode that relays culturally rich stories of various types and degrees, as evidenced by the following films: witch When Ritual..From an Indonesian folk horror movie recently released by Joko Anwar Impetigoa For remake Lake of death, The folk horror sub-genre has been admired in the 21st century for its ability to encapsulate such unique stories. Astor’s films are completely inspired by the history of the Swedish midsummer festival, which was held to remind us of the season’s harvest and fertility. Midsummer Dani, Christian, Josh (William Jackson Harper), And Mark (Will Poulter) traveling with his colleague Pele (Wilhelm Blonglen) and attending a cultural festival with his ancestral commune. Darkness is approaching the character as each begins and disappears in strange circumstances while the sun shines brightly as the sun goes down.

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To understand why elemental theory works, it is important to recognize the fact that Kharga cultists share a strong relationship with the Earth and nature as a whole. Their entire midsummer tradition serves the purpose of ensuring that they have a good harvest, healthy livestock, abundant food resources, and a growing community with a new birth. Their claim to ensure a return of what is taken from Earth is sufficient to test the theory that the deaths of Josh, Mark, Connie, and Simon are symbols of the four elements. This is why the theory is completely plausible.

Josh’s death represents the earth

Midsommar Josh

rear The sacred text of the Harga cult, Ruby Rador When missing, the disappearance is entirely due to Josh. Prior to the accusation, he was at his current home in Oracle, taking a photo of the text for inclusion in his PhD. paper. He was hit in the head by a member of the Kharga sect while a man with Mark’s face stared at him while taking a picture. This particular scene itself does not point to the elemental symbolism itself, but Josh’s demise is the result of his unhealthy curiosity focused on ignoring the rules of the commune, which is why he is cruel. Will be punished.It’s also interesting to note that Josh’s fate remains unknown until the last 15 minutes of the movie, when Christians flee the building. He just had sex with Maya..

As the Christian runs towards the small barn, Josh’s feet stick out of the garden parcel and you can see the Swedish runes engraved on the soles of his feet. This particular rune is Ansuzu Represents a rune, the transfer of intelligence and knowledge. Josh was killed because of his willingness to achieve his goal of getting as much information as possible about the Kharga tradition, but his death represented the Earth rather than the selfishness of intellectual interest. increase. His body is buried in fresh soil, and his feet stick out like plants. This is a symbol of what Hargus wants to achieve at the Midsummer Festival. We give back to the earth and, as a result, we are rewarded with abundant crops. In this example, Josh’s feet represent the sacrifice of his body for a good harvest, along with the fact that no outsider is considered worthy of forbidden knowledge within the cult.

Mark’s death represents fire

Midsummer mark

Hargas kills Mark after Mark accidentally urinates on their sacred ancestral tree. This is an act that, from a cult perspective, is interpreted as a major violation and insult. Mark’s death is revealed in the final scene with Josh’s Ruby Raddle, as it is not immediately confirmed because he was missing in the middle of the movie after being beckoned by a Kharga girl.Mark’s death was somewhat foreseen in the first scene of MidsummerChildren with “fool’s skin” directly refer to Mark’s skin peeling later due to the incredibly stupid act of urinating into a sacred artifact. As the final sacrifice scene is underway towards the end, his body is stuffed with hay and placed in a wheelbarrow.

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With these series of events in mind, the clear way his body is staged shows that the mark represents an element of fire, as hay burns much faster than flesh. Therefore, while it is perfectly plausible that Hargas chose to enclose him and then fill his body with hay, it does not make much sense for his death to represent fire. But the final shot of the triangular building shows that he is in flames, so it makes more logical sense if the end of the Christian grizzly is representative of this element. .. On the other hand, if it is true that each death of a supporting character represents an element, then Mark’s death must be a fire.

Connie’s death represents water

Midsummer Connie

NS The truth of what happened to Connie After she tried to escape from the midsummer festival with Simon, it became a hot topic of debate. The audience sees the bodies of all the other characters before the final scene, but she doesn’t reappear in a wheelbarrow until the end. When she gets into the building, her body is blue, wet and covered with seaweed. It is clear that she was drowned in a member of Kharga and left in the water until she needed to use her for proper rituals. Therefore, Connie’s death is an explicit expression of water, and refusing to accept the path of the commune is a possible reference to the fact that he was literally expelled from her body by drowning death.

Simon’s death represents the air

Midsummer Simon

Of all the side character deaths, Simon is the most anxious. After seeing Josh’s feet in the garden, Christians try to evacuate to a small barn. There he finds Simon’s body hanging from the ceiling. The skin on his back has been stripped from his muscles and placed to look like a bird’s feather. This is consistent with the method of execution and torture of blood eagles. It is very interesting to note that this type of torture method is mentioned in great detail in Scandinavian poetry, and his eyes have also been removed and replaced by flowers. Perhaps the most annoying part of Simon’s death is the fact that he is actually alive when a Christian finds him. It’s very subtle, but you can see his chest go up and down with each painful breath he takes. Simon represents the air with a combination of a body hanging from the ceiling, wings made from the skin on the back, and continuous breathing.

The deaths of each of these characters appear to be related to each element, but it seems to have nothing to do with who they are as individuals, making the theory more concrete. For example, if Simon suffers from asthma or Connie expresses a deep fear of drowning, their elemental death makes more sense. Nonetheless, this theory provides their presence at the Midsummer Festival for more than just being invited.May be it Kharga cult followers needed them It is a standard ritual element when calling elements to sacrifice the four elements in the form of killing similar to earth, fire, air and water.Eventually, the deaths of Josh, Mark, Connie, and Simon Midsummer Kharga cult members showed the specific elements they chose to please the Earth and to satisfy greater traditions and rituals.

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