The December 2020 Xbox game provided the final gamer score boost

Cheeks, Santa Claus is here! What do you mean, have you already had Santa? Did he bring you simple results? number? Now, Santa’s Second Coming, I’m here to boost the gamer score again at the end of the year, with some of the simplest achievements from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S games released in December 2020. ..

Ruinverse – 10G – Plant lovers

Start this month with the best results to unlock after your Christmas goods are full of leftovers with little effort.

Ruinverse Is another JRPG offered by KEMCO, all very similar, but if you’re a fan of JRPGs, that’s not a bad thing. Sadly, Ruinverse isn’t one of KEMCO’s best efforts, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably not here for a good game in itself.

There are many cutscenes in JRPG, but Ruinverse Xbox Certainly there is no difference. In fact, this achievement of Plant Lover is to see the opening cutscene. When complete, it will pop up as low as 10G. But don’t worry, bigger ones are on their way.

Shelter – 10G – Healing Embrace

Shelter header

Greater results are coming, but we needed to include this. In an era when we aren’t allowed to make physical contact with our closest loved one, a virtual hug is about as good as it gets.

Haven Is an action RPG that plays as two lovers, but is controlled as one and is as romantic a story as a video game. It’s a very adult romance, as these two can’t let go of each other. But if a couple reaches a strange world without humans, I think many will behave in the same way.

This result is for body-to-body contact, but nothing is clear. Instead, you can earn 10G with a simple hug. However, to do this, ensure that one of the couples is not in perfect health and is not idle. After a short wait, the couple will accept the hug and heal each other, but more importantly, give you 10G.

Summary by POWGI – 40G – Oh Grow Up!

Round out

This next achievement is for the poor there!

Summary by POWGI In the crossword puzzle game, you can complete each crossword with 8 characters. It provides a complete 1000G that can be completed in just over an hour. However, here we focus on one of the stupid outcomes.

From the main menu, scroll down to page 3 and select the second puzzle on the second line. Annoyingly, the puzzles don’t have numbers, so it’s a great way to explain it. If you can make the word “snipe” from the given letters, you know you have the correct puzzle.

That’s not the word we’re looking for! What is a “snipe” anagram?

That’s right, “penis”! If you enter a word in the crossword, it will not appear in the crossword itself, but if you enter a male genital word, you will be given 40G.

When there was a past – 50G – memoirs

When the past was around the photo

As the facts mention, it seems a bit of a resurgence in point-and-click games. There is even a year-end list that covers some of our favorites. Not surprisingly, “when there was a past” is on that list, but it’s also on the list to provide a ridiculously easy gamer score.

Our favorite list contains interesting, unforgettable and emotional stuff. When there was a past There is no doubt that it is on the emotional side of things, dealing with love, loss and moving on. To make up for that, here are some simple achievements.

In the first room to start the game, open towards the drawer. There is a photo inside. Click on it to see the total gamer score. It will be 50G off.

Monster Train – 2 at 25G – Is it a challenge? And you are dead!

Monster train 2

This next dual outcome can be one of two ways. The method we described requires much less effort, but less 5G. You need to kill the boss to select other options. It’s too long for our list, but we award 5G and above.

Xbox Monster Train is a card game that can be collected just like the great Slay the Spire.To Monster train But hell is literally frozen and you’re about to get on the train to deliver Paia. This rekindles the flames of hell. Obviously, but rather there are people from the sky who think this didn’t happen.

However, regarding the results, Is That a Challenge? Just start your daily challenge. The first 15G achievement. Then die! It unlocks another 10G because you died!

Morkredd – 35G – Fear of the Dark


No, it’s not a children’s TV horror show. The same goes for goosebumps in petite men, but the name of the penultimate achievement of the month is Afraid of the Dark. And you can unlock it in more than 2 seconds from the start of the game!

Morkredd A collaborative puzzle platformer whose main task is to avoid the darkness. Alongside your companions, the Sphere of Bright Light is your best friend when you push it through this world and finally discover your destiny. For Journey fans internal Or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Morkredd should be noteworthy.

But do you remember saying that your main job is to avoid the darkness? Ignore it for this achievement. Step into the shadows around you and laugh at the Gamer Score Bank with another 35G.

Brawl Chess – 50G – First Blood

Brawl chess

Our final achievement this month is the kind we love. In short, it’s the result of literally achieving the main purpose of the title. This is the same as scoring a goal in FIFA or riding a horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 to score 50G. I do it hundreds of times, but once I do it, I get a gamer score.

The game in question Brawl chess.. Chess games cost 10 cents on all playable devices, but Brawl Chess uses cute animations to make it more accessible to younger crowds. Sadly, our review pointed out that there was really nothing else to distinguish it from the myriad of others.

Except for a simple gamer score? Brawl chess captures hundreds of pieces. After all, it’s chess. This particular 50G achievement is for capturing the first piece. If so, it’s a small achievement.

Here is the list for December. Sure, the actual gamer score is a bit lower than in the other months, but the stupid season of game releases is about to end. In addition, some people wanted to release the game in the same month. Cyberpunk 2077?? I would like to point out a game that takes about an hour to unlock an achievement.

But for all the achievement hunters out there, happy new year. Stay tuned for 2021 with lots of simpler achievements. Let us know in the comments if there is something easier!

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