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The December update for PlayStation Now has been released, and new games this month are Horizon Zero Dawn, Wreckfest, Broforce, Stranded Deep, Darksiders II, and The Surge 2. This is a lot of games. Let’s take a look at them.

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Next won a great 9/10 in our review. “Leckfest is an amazing win by blending the best that Sim and Arcade racers have to offer into an explosive and visually pleasing package. Some visual issues and overly Aggressive AI rarely ruins one of the best driving games of 2019, “says Thomas.

The Horizon Zero Dawn score is 8/10, which is ridiculous. Robot dinosaurs should always get 10/10. “The Horizontal Zero Dawn is burning a bit slowly, but the latest version of Guerrilla Games isn’t just about stunning graphics. It’s amazing because the story goes through some twists and turns to explore the past, but of the game. The beating heart lies in its very tense and fascinating robot monster hunting, “said Teflon.

Also, it is Broforce that has obtained 8/10 from Teflon. “Creating Broforce levels is full of muscle-bending genocide. It’s great because the explosions shake the screen and cut through the landscape. It’s original, but it stops the fun during the boss battle. There are things, and the way the co-op treats life is unforgiving, but whether it’s a different-looking environment or a new type of enemy that blows up, it’s always throwing away new things to add to the team. To blow things up, or another new companion, “he said.

The Surge 2 scored 7/10. “Very satisfying combat and some smart world designs carry something like a decent soul that feels like a solid alternative, even if it’s safe for genre fans. Surge 2 Yes Noh, excellence, but behind that inspiration, he loses some of his unique identity, “commented Thomas. He has received a lot of reviews.

I haven’t reviewed Stranded Deep, but the Metacritic rating on PlayStation 4 is 64%. If you haven’t played Darksiders II before, there’s something wrong. Released in 2012, there is a remastered version. Both the original and the remaster were on the PS Plus.

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