The December update for Rust introduces a technology tree for workbenches

The December update for Rust is a big one. This replaces the blueprint experimental system with something a little more rational. It’s a workbench-based technology tree system, so you can always work on the item you want to create.

As Rust creator Garry Newman explained in this week’s blog post, updating the technology tree is due to the fact that the randomized controlled trial system introduced in November proved to be frustrating and costly. The purpose is to deal with it. The system allows players to “experiment” with scrap and get random new blueprints. It states that Newman essentially “has to pray to the RNG gods to find SAP in the crate.”

You can now see the entire tech tree of items available from your workbench tech level. That way, you can find the items you need and work towards them, without worrying about wasting valuable scraps on unwanted blueprints. New players will now have to spend much easier time setting up useful blueprints. It’s amazing.

There are many more changes, as shown in this nice trailer.

According to Newman, the Facepunch Studios team needs to balance with the technology tree, and player feedback is expected to help assess how well the new system is working.

This update also touches on “almost every item” in the survival game and also makes about 300 balance changes. Here are some highlights:

  • Most of the production time has been reduced
  • Reduce all electric craft costs
  • Most of the appliances are now stackable
  • Hazmat suits are currently using the condition
  • Reduced the cost of making armor for road signs
  • Increased rocket launcher deployment time
  • Smoke grenades can now be created and researched
  • Removed blueprint drops from barrels and crates
  • Full rib lance of under armor clothing on the torso
  • Large med kits now offer a small amount of instant health and are cheaper to make
  • Greatly reduces dehydration when taking anti-radiation drugs
  • Reduced manufacturing time for medical syringes
  • Glass has been added to the reinforced window bar

You can also see that the airdrop event has been completely reworked, the loot table has been “rewritten from scratch”, and at least two decent armor and one or two decent weapons are guaranteed. Airdrops do not have wooden armor, longswords, mines, or stone spears.

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