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Fans are looking forward to the inevitable trading jackpot after lockout, so those who want their favorite team to be added to the opening rotation will focus on Reds and athletics as potential trading partners. I often guess-and there are good reasons. Both Auckland (Sean Manaea, Chris Bassitt, Frankie Montas) And Cincinnati (Sonny gray, Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle) There are three pitchers who can trade viablely to reduce salaries and add young talent to the organization. The Marlins are also often proposed trading partners, even after they have already traded, for teams in need of starting pitchers. Zach Thompson To the pirates in December Jacob Stallings swap.

That said, while these three teams are focused, the asking price there will be high. The team wants an alternative and the Padres can get a lot of attention from those clubs. This isn’t because San Diego is embarking on all sorts of reconstruction efforts, but because of the team’s many rotation options and the always-aggressive and never-ruled nature of AJ Preller, president of baseball operations.

Since holding the reins in San Diego, Preller has taken multiple off-seasons or trading deadlines due to a storm of active activity.Monica of “Rock Star GM” bestowed on him Matt Kemp Has become infamous, but Preller has repeatedly responded to the spirit of the nickname by demonstrating a bold and dramatic strike talent to reshape the tissue.

The Padres staff suffered injuries and a surprising lack of effectiveness in 2021, but are still deeply involved in weapons that have been successful enough in the league or are showing considerable upturns. The 2022 rotation of San Diego is now Joe Musgrove, Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Mike Clevinger And NPB returnees Nick MartinezSomeone who surprisingly agreed $ 20 million contract for 4 years Before the lockout after the predominant show in Japan.

Beyond that quintet, the Padres can have another turn of charming arm, although some have recently struggled and injured.right handed Dinelson Lamet A bunch of completely dominant in the shortened season of 2020 (2.09 ERA 34.8% strikeout, 69 innings 7.5% walk rate) before UCL tensions hinder his contribution to the postseason. The latest success. He missed much of the 2021 season on the injured list and wasn’t very effective when he returned, but raising his arm will make him a front-line talent in rotation. The Padres may use him with confidence this season, but there is a large ceiling that he dreams of with Ramet, who is dominated by arbitration until 2023.

Lighty Chris Paddack He hasn’t regained the shape he showed in the 2019 debut campaign that saw him in the rookie of the year battle before he was injured. He was diagnosed with a slight UCL laceration late last season, but is expected to be ready for the 22-year campaign. Paddack registered a pedestrian 4.95ERA in the 1671/3 innings of 2020-21, but he is still 26 years old and boasts one of MLB’s lowest pedestrian rates in addition to a fastball with an average speed of 95 mph. increase. He is dominated until 2024.

left handed Adrian MorejonOne of the award-winning signatures from Blitz, Praler’s international signature during the reconstruction of the Padres, will return from Tommy John’s surgery in 2022. Although his MLB experience is limited, he is only 22 years old and has been ranked in the top 100 outlook for sports in five years while rising through the system. He is still under the control of the club until 2025.

Another South Po, Ryan WeathersWas ranked 7th overall in the draft in 2018. Although he’s just 22 years old, Weathers made his major debut this past season and held himself early before the rocky finish. The Weathers were destroyed in the last two months and carried 2.73 ERA (although there is a Shakia perimeter mark) to the 622/3 innings before ending the season with an ERA of 5.32. Despite the rough finish, Weathers is a 22-year-old former top pick and top prospect with a strong minor league track record (albeit short thanks to the 2020 season being wiped out).

25-year-old right-handed Reese Knea It doesn’t come with a fanfare outlook like some others in the system, but he made a strong minor league effort towards his major league debut later in the season. Kuneashinkyu, the 20th round pick of 2018, recorded 3.57 ERA with a strong ground ball rate before getting a call to the big league through 75 his 2/3 innings between Double A and Triple A. Did. No one would be surprised at his 4.97 ERA and 20:20 K / BB ratio in Major League Baseball, but it was only 29 innings for a 24-year-old rookie who had never beat the A-ball in the season.

The most mysterious thing is the southpaw MacKenzie Gore Although remaining in the Padres system, his stock plummeted. Former third-placed players who participated in the 2020 campaign ranked among the top 10 prospects in baseball overall. 22-year-old Gore (23 next month) hasn’t received a call to the Big League yet, despite the Padres’ possession. He repeatedly dealt with injuries and took advantage of the depths of their system.

Gore got off to a disastrous start in 2021 with the Triple A El Paso. Padres got out of the game and sent him to a spring facility to work on improving the mechanic, and had a hard time pushing the reset button. When riding the mound again later in the season, Gore looked stronger, rookie ball, class A advanced, 30 in double and he recorded 2.67 ERA with a K / BB ratio of 43 to 16 in 1/3 innings (6 starts). Did. -A. He’s completely off Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects, but Gore is still young and full of his raw talent. A few months of sharp months at Triple-A will bring him back to the top of the majors.

It’s also not a complete range of depths close to San Diego’s MLB.Lighty Pedro Avila You may end up in a bullpen, but with the success of a double A / triple A, you’ve already got your feet wet with a major.right handed Adrian Martinez25 had an advantage in Double A and was elected to the list of 40 people before the lockout after reaching Triple A for the first time in 2021.

Thanks to numerous victories, the Padres farm system isn’t like it used to be, but the abundant pitching depth they have accumulated is still impressive. It also provides Prelar and his adjutants with feed to allow them to imagine virtually any kind of trade, and history often shows us that Prelar’s Padres does exactly that. I am. The good thing, though, is that there is no pressure to move a particular individual. There are no “bubble” pitchers at risk of being exempted at the end of spring training, as Paddack, Morejon, Weathers, Kunea, Gore, Avila and Martinez each have minor league options left.

With so many rotation options at hand, there are many ways Padres can pursue after a transaction freezes. Of course, holding lots is a perfectly defensive route to the charts, but even if the Padres aren’t actively shopping for pitchers, other teams will call. For example, a team that needs pitching like the Nationals, Twins, and Rangers may want to get someone like Paddack or Weathers. A controllable arm with no immediate path to the normal innings of San Diego’s MLB roster.

It’s also worth remembering several points where it was reported that the Padres explored the possibility of getting out of the bottom of the rest. Eric HosmerContract.both Rangers And that Cubs At the very least, they entertained the possibility of undertaking Hosmer as part of a deal that would bring them a high-end outlook, and while there is no guarantee that those particular discussions will rekindle, Hosmer packages with some young people. It’s easy to imagine a scenario that will be marketed to facilitate trading.Similar scenario Wil myers It makes some sense.

I don’t padres for clarity need Move one of the rotation depths. Beyond the fact that all the candidates listed here have options left (besides the upcoming opening round quintet), San Diego will soon need new blood for the starting staff. .. Both Musgrove and Clevinger have been free agents since the 2022 season. Snell and Darvish have been signed until 2023 (at the same time Ramet could first become a free agent). They will need some of these young weapons to strengthen and solidify themselves as a long-term option.

Still, the Padres are usually one of the most active and active clubs in baseball, and few teams have so many candidates for rotation close to MLB. At least other clubs throughout the league are trying to loosen their pitching from San Diego. Especially now that the free agent market is dominated. There is a lot of focus on the starters available in Auckland and Cincinnati, but the asking prices there will be higher and teams still in need of pitching will dig into the market for alternatives. San Diego has more than most.

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The depth of Padres rotation should be of sufficient trade interest The depth of Padres rotation should be of sufficient trade interest

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