The design behind the Scarlet Nexus

Creating a new IP is a serious business and no stranger to the development team behind the new futuristic action RPG. Scarlet Nexus!!

BANDAI NAMCO has formed a veteran team to lead this ambitious project and leveraged their direct experience in launching the original IP. Codebane producer Keita Iizuka took the lead, Kenji Anabuki took advantage of his many years of experience at Tales of, and art director Kota Ochiai closed the leadership team with his own design style, leading the four-year of Scarlet Nexus..

Scarlet Nexus It will be held for the distant future, which was greatly influenced by Tokyo and Japan in the 90’s. I got a lot of inspiration not only from the appearance and design at that time, but also from the way of expression in pop culture. In many cases, technical excess was a common theme and was used in many designs and framings in both Western science fiction and Japanese anime at the time.

Scarlet Nexus Imagine a world that has evolved directly from that era. To push that worldview forward, the team considered using some important images to expand their vision. For example, you can see the landscape of New Himka, which is over-visioned, and holographic images projected onto the minds of citizens through government-maintained infrastructure. Holograms celebrate the 90’s design metaphor for a somewhat nostalgic state-of-the-art futuristic technology.

Scarlet Nexus

When applying the character to the world environment, the team sought to create a reliable aesthetic with the look and feel of the character anime. In order to set it optimally for a realistic background image, we devoted ourselves to cell shading technology that builds a layer between the character and the environment, and realized a unique juxtaposition of design sensibilities.

Scarlet Nexus

In addition, this style of duality was particularly complementary to the design of others, confused mutants, descending from space to Earth. These enormous fusions of various creatures and inanimate objects were specially designed to evoke a sense of familiarity and heterogeneity. We sought to use different types of motion capture styles to amplify that anxiety in a completely unique way. Scarlet Nexus..

But that’s not the only duality!The tale of Scarlet Nexus It is a story told through the eyes of two heroes, Sumeragi Yuito and Randall Kasane. In one story, each character follows their own path and experiences a shared individual moment. Both story paths can be selected from the beginning, revealing most of the story in each play and giving you a deeper look at the hero’s mind and mind. Their differences can also be felt in their combat, each specializing in different combat styles and weapons.

Scarlet Nexus

Weapons can only get you so far in the fight against others. In many cases you will need to rely on your allies for assistance. That’s where SAS — the Struggle Arms System — comes in. Once you connect to party members, you can borrow their abilities through SAS. This connection is represented by a huge red cable that connects to your back when you tap the power supply.

Apart from certain scenario missions, it is often possible to select party members before going into battle. Given the challenges ahead of you, it’s worth balancing the team with the right members before you get ready and go out. Some abilities can be combined with your own psychokinesis to add extra vitality or simply work on its own. Part of the fun is learning the strengths of the team, building close ties with the team, and further strengthening the team-up.

Scarlet Nexus

You can enter the brainfield by digging deeper into the power reserve. This is a state in which the player experiences an enhanced sensation and enormous power. This change is demonstrated by the players wearing their hoods and revealing gusts of color masks if you do so.

Combining fashion with the mechanics of gameplay was what I saw in Keita Iizuka’s previous work. Code Vein, Where clothes played a big role in gameplay. Perhaps one of the reasons Scarlet Nexus has an extensive customization system for both costumes and accessories for your character and teammate cast.

Scarlet Nexus

Growth is also a very necessary factor in building a balanced JRPG. Players should feel that there is a clear path to progress and rewards awaiting their efforts. In the process, both Yuito and Kasane have their own brain maps, which are unlocked as they progress through their individual campaigns.

Each map is tailored to suit each character’s playstyle. For example, Yuito’s Brainmap Pass matches his close combat playstyle by opening faster knockdown recovery traits. However, Kasane unleashes many dexterity traits early on to accommodate midrange attack styles. Best of all, players can choose the items they want to make in any order they like, so they can adapt to their playing habits and styles.

Scarlet Nexus

All of these elements that work in harmony with the power of the Xbox Series X | S—providing these visuals at crisp 4k resolution and smooth 60 FPS—are spectacular and truly bring. Scarlet Nexus‘Debut to the next level.We can’t wait for you to experience that wonder Scarlet Nexus When released on June 25, 2021. Please do not forget. With SmartDelivery, you can do it on your Xbox.Purchase Scarlet Nexus Play once on either Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S!

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Pre-order for SCARLET NEXUS

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Book now and get the following content as a bonus: – Additional Attachment Set “Shoulder Baki (11)” – Special Battle Costume Set-Audio-Additional Attachment “Face Vision Stickers” – Additional Attachments “Dreamcatcher” In the distant future, paranormal hormones were discovered in the human brain, giving people extrasensory power and changing the world as we know it. As humanity entered this new era, the confused mutants known as others began to descend from the sky with a thirst for the human brain. They were extremely resistant to traditional attack methods, had to fight overwhelming threats, and take extreme steps to protect humanity. People with acute extrasensory abilities known as psionics were the only chance to fight an onslaught from above. Since then, psionics has been scouted for its talent and adopted by other oppressive forces (OSFs), the last line of defense for humankind. Begin your adventure with either Smeragi Yuit, an energetic recruit from top politicians featuring dual stories, or Kasane Landor, a mysterious scout whose power and skills have earned a great deal of publicity among OSFs. Let’s do it. Only then can you uncover the complete story and unravel all the mysteries of the future of Brainpunk captured between SCARLET NEXUS’s technology and spiritual abilities, as their different experiences interweave with each other. ..

The Design Behind Scarlet Nexus

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