The details of Walheim’s last Haas & Home preview are the nervousness of the bow

Major Haas & Home Updates for Viking Craft Adventures, after lots of previews and lots of hard work Walheim It’s coming soon. Irongate has posted a final preview of the update, showing off a new hunger system, new food, new ways to get rid of that food. This goes into some simple details about how battle axes and bows are changing. They say they’re weakening the bow, but in reality it sounds like an upgrade personally. Check out all these changes before the big update next week.

Irongate says that all Walheim weapons have been rebalanced, but the battle ax and bow have gotten some of the bigger changes. The hoisting of the battle ax has been shortened, and the staggering damage and cleavage ability have been improved. It’s still heavy, so don’t hold your head. You can catch the action of the ax here in the Iron Gate quick video.

Personally, the big change is the bow. Irongate says they try not to overwhelm it that much. That may be true, because they made it so that you couldn’t just draw your arrow instantly, even at high levels. They have reduced the stamina cost to keep pulling your bow continuously. When Drake in the mountains refused to stop, I always had a little trouble trying to pin Drake. This change makes it easier to wait for the right shot without running out of stamina. Iron Gate seems to have people like me in mind. Because that’s exactly the example they’re using in the demo video there.

I’m here soon and I’ve heard quite a lot about what’s happening at Hearth & Home.I’ve seen some new things before Gold pile and treasure chest Decoration, Lots of new food, And slightly unpleasant abilities Spit your food If you want to switch to a new set of buffs.

Next week, when the Valheim Hearth & Home update starts on Thursday, September 16th, it will all drop. It’s already pretty exciting, but Valheim is still in Early Access. Iron Gate has the next big content update Misstrand biome..

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