The developers behind the world’s best SNES emulator killed themselves

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update: A friend who wants to remain anonymous states that Nia has tragically killed herself.

Original [Sun 27th Jun, 2021 18:00 BST]: After posting what looks like suicidal ideation on Twitter, there is growing fear of the safety of Near, the person behind the great SNES emulator BSNES.

Near’s work in the field of retrogame preservation and emulation is noteworthy. BSNES work began in 2004 with the goal of creating an emulator that is as accurate as possible. Early versions of the BSNES ran slower than on top-level hardware, but thanks to Near taking it one step further and actually decapping the SNES chip for a better understanding, it’s 100% compatible. It has become the gold standard for the proud SNES emulator. Throughout the SNES library. However, despite focusing on his own emulator, Near took the time to provide SNES9X developers with help in improving the project.

Other than emulation, Near has great power in the world of preservation, buying the entire North American and Japanese SNES / Super Nintendo collections, dumping them and verifying that the ROMs are as faithful as possible.

Near – People named as “byuu” and “Dave” and identified as non-binary – I posted a thread The beginning of today (UK time) when they revealed about the bullying and harassment they received online.

The complete statement is below:

To be honest, I’ve been bullied, ridiculed, and humiliated for the rest of my life. From my first elementary school memories to now. It’s always deeply hurt beyond words. When I was 4chan, I could only put up with major depression.

However, Kiwi Farms has significantly exacerbated the number of harassments. It escalated from attacking me because of autism to attacking and exposing my friend and trying to commit suicide to get a response from me. .. I lost one of my best friends with this. I feel responsible.

I can’t handle this anymore. I tried everything. I took all the medicines available. I have tried multiple therapists. I tried to hide from the world. It doesn’t help at all. Every night I am full of panic attacks and fear and anxiety.

I tried to change this in every possible way as they wanted me to stop this, but it never does. Every few months, it’s something new. New dox, new thread, new tangent. I can’t stand it anymore.

I have always done my best to be kind and kind to everyone. And I didn’t do anything wrong other than doing weird things online. Maybe it’s a little too passionate. Their horrifying claims are completely unfounded. Still, I’m really sorry if you hurt or upset someone.

The internet is not a game. It’s real life. I am a real person. Something like this really hurts. I spent my whole life on this. I have no real friends. There is no other reason. only this. And now I have nothing.

It’s too late for me, but I hope someone will do something about the website someday. It seems that no one cares because there are too many people suffering and we are relatively no one online, and they know it. Evil wins when the good do nothing.

Don’t remember me about this. Remember what I did. For my work and dedication. Thank you for your kindness and support over the years. I’m very sorry, but I know I love you very much. I hope better things are waiting for you.

Don’t hate me with this. Understand that I was suffering much as far as I know it would afflict some of you. I think some people try to do this because of me. But that’s not the case. They didn’t have to do this and could have stopped at any time, but they chose not to.

I would have continued if Joshua Moon showed a little compassion. But he chose not to. It’s not me, it’s him. It’s in every last person who pushed me to this point and didn’t give up. I didn’t deserve this.

Thank you for your kind message. Please be careful. I love you very much. Thank you for your support over the years. I am very honored. I miss you, but at least I can finally feel at ease.

According to ResetEra’s Theorymon, “Kiwi Farms” (the site Near mentioned) focuses on individuals who are online bullying online.

Kiwi Farms has been spun off from CWCiki, a wiki focused on Chris-Chan. They are forums focused on cyberbullying others. They tend to focus on people who are in particularly vulnerable groups. For example, as far as I know, Byu was identified as non-binary, so they started harassing him. They seem to be the main catalyst for this situation.

Since issuing the statement, several Twitter followers have tried to contact Nia, who lives in Japan, through the US Embassy.

This is a developing story and we will update this post when we know more. Meanwhile, the entire Nintendo Life team sends Nia the best wishes. If you want any help, consider donating to Samaritans, an organization focused on helping people who are struggling to deal with mental health problems and depression.

Please note that this topic has a very delicate nature and we have decided to close comments on this article.

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