The director of FINAL FANTASY 14 has found a smart way to keep FINAL FANTASY 11 alive.

“When it comes to MMORPGs, spending money on advertising and public relations can help keep more players, but it’s a difficult concept for anyone who hasn’t touched the online gaming business,” says Yoshida. say. “It’s often said that you shouldn’t spend money without a clear profit plan, but the opposite is true if you manage a monthly subscription MMORPG where player retention is a” profit “. On the other hand, the difficult part of the MMORPG business is that if you do nothing, the retention rate of players will decrease. In other words, your revenue will decrease. “

In fact, one of the biggest suggestions for improving Yoshida FINAL FANTASY 11 The experience included the importance of making returning fans feel like they never left.

“Another discussion we had was what we could do for repeaters who are trying to return to the community for the first time in a while,” says Yoshida. “”FFXI Released during the golden age of MMORPG, FFXI As a place where they can “go home”.But I guess the player will come back FFXI I requested the system to allow players to reconnect with other players, as they would log off alone without reuniting with anyone. “

Still, even such efforts cannot achieve so much.It may be loved by many people FINAL FANTASY 11 Advertisement information for Square Enix’s budget report. Keeping game costs / returns where you need them often requires creative solutions. Thankfully, Yoshida has found some really smart ways to disguise and minimize the cost of the game.

“For profitable operations, we hire server engineers and other staff exclusively. FFXI Expenses will increase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, “says Yoshida. “Therefore, in Creative Business Unit III, the engineering fee is FFXIV, FFXI Teams can submit suggestions for tasks that require engineers. Once the proposal is reviewed and approved, we will estimate the cost to the programmer and discuss it with them.If we ask them to focus FFXI For example, 3 months FFXI Only these 3 months will be incurred. This keeps costs down and is one of the benefits of overseeing two MMORPGs within a department. “

I rarely hear about a person’s director Incredibly successful MMO I’m using the benefits of that game to help keep another MMO going, but to be honest, it’s like someone like Yoshida. He is a big fan of MMOs who respect the history of this genre. Final Fantasy Franchise, And games in general.Although he may confess to maintain his creative input FINAL FANTASY 11 At the very least, it’s no wonder he’s looking for a way to keep the game alive for as long as possible.

The director of FINAL FANTASY 14 has found a smart way to keep FINAL FANTASY 11 alive.

https://www.denofgeek.com/games/final-fantasy-14-director-mmo-costs-history-profit/ The director of FINAL FANTASY 14 has found a smart way to keep FINAL FANTASY 11 alive.

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