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On Saturday (December 18th), AEW’s Samie Gebara shared the news that he and his longtime girlfriend and recent fiancée had. To divide..

As “Sammy and Pam” has been featured in his VLOG for a long time, Gebara made a public announcement, and the Wrestling Web covered it as news and discussed. Their involvement Incorporated into a feud with Sean Spears dynamite.. Unfortunately, so far it has been dealt with as much as possible.

People gossip, and we tend to be judgmental. It’s bad for the mental and spiritual well-being of those who judge by gossip, and for those who judge by gossip, but against human nature is to stop talking. It will not be.

On the Internet, this turmoil isn’t just happening in tabloids, hairdressers and hairdressers, but in a way that’s hard to ignore for the talked-about people. To make matters worse, social media can call for and target gossip and judgment.

That is where the story of Guevara became ugly. The whispering that had already been exchanged for Sammy and his AEW & VLOG co-star, Tinara Conti, turned up, which spread them, and Conti invalidated her Twitter account. It gave her some control and hopefully brought her some peace, but a Brazilian wrestler leaving Twitter gave her a life infusion into the story, and she and Gebara continued the trend on social media. (And continued).

It prompted a second statement from him …

… and a comment from Conti’s management:

TayConti Instagram

We’ll probably need another wrestling-related / adjoining topic to finally get Tay and Sammy’s name out of the Trends sidebar, but we hope these statements encourage a few people to move. Or, at least, instead of guessing about someone else’s business in a virtual public square, find a Discord server or a roughly moderated comment section and talk about someone else’s business.

If you’re looking to support yet another case of cyberbullying, I think Guevara and Conti seem more prepared to deal with this than the targets of past unjust criticism.If you are disappointed that this is happening within 2 years Death of Hana Kimura, And despite the myriad plea from wrestlers to refrain from virtually attacking the real people who play the characters in their favorite shows?

I can’t blame you for that.

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The dissolution of Sammy Guevara leads to yet another case of cyberbullying The dissolution of Sammy Guevara leads to yet another case of cyberbullying

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