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Philadelphia-It’s a worthy compliment Philadelphia EaglesJust as the window of huge opportunity opened, they accused it of closing it immediately with their fingers, the dysfunctional 2020 NFL season.

With Washington football team Can’t take care of business against Carolina Panthers On Sunday, the Eagles Dallas Cowboys Would have set up a 17th week showdown between Philadelphia and Washington for the NFC East crown.

Instead, the Eagles stumbled upon defense and fell to Dallas 37-17.. As a result, the Eagles are removed from the playoffs and miss the postseason for the first time in four seasons.

Down centerpiece defensive harness Fletcher Cox Multiple members of the secondary, the Eagles, were burned in over 500 yards and four touchdowns.

Cox came out with a needle in the first half and did not come back. He missed practice for a week due to a prolonged neck injury.Philadelphia’s defensive line no longer had an edge rusher Derek Burnett And Josh Sweat Because of an injury.Lack of pressure allowed Dallas quarterbacks Andy dalton It took too long to operate and he took advantage of breaking up the defensive backfield working without a starter. Avon Temadox And Rodney McLeod..

Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts It started to get hot, but it got cold in the second half of my third career start. He also completed 21 out of 39 342-yard passes with a touchdown and two intercepts while rushing 69 yards.Wide out DeSean Jackson Burst back to the scene With a touchdown of 81 yards in his first game After the 7th week.

A total of 990 yards of attacks was the most common in the history of this rival.

Sunday’s defeat was primarily defensive, but since 2012, when he played Andy Reid 4-12 in Philadelphia last year, everyone has had a turn to contribute to the worst season of the Eagles.

The Eagles are a week away from what Doug Pederson and the quarterback’s fate is promised to be a drama-filled off-season. Carson Wentz Will be decided.

For some reason, change is coming. This happens when the team falls below expectations by a mile and the Championship Caliber Nuclears expires.

The biggest hole in the game plan: Michael jacketAn undrafted rookie from Louisiana got off to an opposite start Darius Srey Nine targets at 182 yards brought seven catches.The Eagles finally moved Jaylen Mills From safety to his natural corner position, but it was too few and too late.

Troublesome tendency: The Eagles inflicted 12 penalties at 115 yards, including 6 false starts.They were tied for the league 5th most penalty per game (6.4) Participated in the contest and suffered a little again due to lack of discipline.

Stunning NFL Next Generation Statistics: Jackson recorded his fifth received TD over 80 yards. According to a study by ESPN Stats & Information, this is the most common in NFL history and is associated with Jerry Rice, Lance Alworth, Bob Hayes and Derrick Alexander.

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The Eagles’ collapse against the Cowboys marks the end of the 2020 NFL season-NFL Nation The Eagles’ collapse against the Cowboys marks the end of the 2020 NFL season-NFL Nation

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